TangoDown BattleGrip - BLACK

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A pistol grip designed for the M4/M16/AR-15 series rifles with features previously unavailable in a combat-quality grip. Along with superior ergonomic form that provides substantial shooter comfort over any other grip, BATTLEGRIP has the ability to internally store two Aimpoint-type batteries in addition to two AA or 123 series Lithium batteries all in a water, dust, and rattle-resistant cavity sealed by an easy-to-access cover.
The batteries contained inside of the BATTLEGRIP's indestructible Nylon/glass-fill housing are for immediate use and can be removed in a second for installation in night vision, IR, visible LASER aimers, high-intensity white light, and Aimpoint/Eotech-type LED sights. Other battery storage combinations can be achieved using supplied spacers.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Love this grip

    I've always liked the look of these grips from different sources of media however upon finding the name to it I had to try one and oh boy do I love it perfectly fits my hand and has enough texture to grip well but not enough to eat up hands or slice them by far my favorite.

  • 5

    It fit nice and tight on my AR. It is very durable and gives me a much better hold while firing. Would by again as a present

  • 5
    Superior service

    Couldn’t ask for more.
    Product is quality and deliver time excellent.
    Website very easy to use
    Five stars!!

  • 5
    Not sure why I waited so long

    I’ve always wanted this grip, not sure why I took so long to finally buy one. It feels great.

  • 2

    Only issue was the grip may have been a factory second or something. Fit wrong and required modification with a dremel and a file. Grip screw did not fit and had to use the screw that came with my magpul plus grip. The grip feels good and I like the ergonomics of it, just didn't care for the trouble I had to go through to get it mounted. Would like to know if there has been issues with this before and if the AK version has the same issues

  • 4
    nice grip

    this grip is a big improvement over stock but like others said, its a little smaller than I hoped. Nice solid grip though

  • 5
    Great grip!

    This grip has a solid feel and is well made. It fit my Bushy perfectly. The storage is a plus and the plugs fit nice and tight. It has a nearly identical shape as the grip on my AR-180 and just seems to have a natural fit to the hand.

  • 5
    Great grip

    Great construction and it looks great on my Bushmaster M4. The battery storage is a big plus. The grip is a little on the small side but it gets the job done. I'd really give it a 4 1/2 instead of a 5.

  • 4
    TangoDown Grip

    Mounted the TangoDown grip on my rifle and really felt that the grip is on the small side. The backstrap is not as hand filling as I thought it would be. The build quality is nice but it's still going on the gun show table. And will be replaced with a Magpul grip in it's place.