BCM® Grip Mod 3- KD - Black

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The BCM® Grip Mod 3-KD

  • The MOD 3-KD is the end result of collaboration between BCM and Kyle Defoor, founder of Defoor Proformance Shooting
  • Reduced Grip angle keeps wrist in line with trigger for improved ergonomics and trigger control.
  • Short/Low-profile design ideal for sub-compact carbine/pistol configurations. Same amount of protrusion, from the bottom of the weapon, as the classic 20-round magazine.
  • Externally dimensioned the same, except the length, as the popular BCM® Mod 3 Grip
  • Each grip features an extended forward tang to close the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip, and a high rise "beavertail" style back strap.
  • Made in the U.S.A., manufactured from high quality impact resistant polymers.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Shorty Grip KD Mod 3

    Dig it. It’s the perfect compliment to a light do it all rifle. Great value too. My rat paws fit the grip well. I’m a run of the mill civilian and like featureless. The added .06 kydex adds a little too much width to the KD grips. Still fits me well enough.
    I would prefer a shorty-grip be created from the slimmer Mod 0 grip and only 1/4” longer. I have cartoon hands. Smallish. Size 8-9 gloves. Medium palms with shorty fingers. I’ve considered chopping a mod 0 in the past until the KD Mod 3 became available. Thanks BCM. Digging the KD. Don’t change it. Just keep innovating from what you have.

  • 5
    BCM KD Grip

    Fits my rat paws perfectly. I have short medium fingers on a medium width palm (8.5” around palm).
    At $15.95, I was ready to not like it. I love it. I even had to set it up with a home-made featureless fin/ cover. Still love it. Yup, Im a run of the mill civilian. The KD is a Great all-in- one CQB to prone pistol grip. I had zero issue in transitioning from prone- sitting- kneeling- offhand.
    I’d like to see the Mod-0 in a size between the KD & Mod-0. (Why?) My smallish mitts never needed the real estate. It’d also be a good size in between for all BCM kind. I’ll be ordering another shorty and another mod-0. BCM on all 7 of my builds. Note: I’m a pragmatic soul & would’ve cut a Mod-0. (Haha) The storage is too important to me. Mod-0-KD Plus would make 6 stars.

  • 5

    First of all, like every BCM product I've ever purchased fitment was fantastic. I purchased this grip for a backpack gun and it is everything you imagine it would be. Low profile, with the same bcm grip angle. The shorty doesn't have a compartment door which keeps it extra light.

    I am 6'5, can palm a basketball and wear XXL Mechanix gloves, the grip is a 1/4 inch too short for my hands. I didn't expect it to be close all and the fact that it was made me a little disappointed. If you have anywhere close to normal size this grip is a great choice.

  • 5
    Best PDW Grip

    I've got this on an MCX Rattler hybrid. Perfect grip for a backpack PDW.

  • 5
    It’s short but, it’s enough

    I always like BCM grips but, I put another brand on a couple of AR pistols I built simply because they were shorter than the standard BCM grips. I have BCM on my carbine and, I love it. Now, they make one shorter that fit well on a pistol. This has the same great feel of the standard grips with less length which makes it.a good choice for “truck guns”.

  • 4

    This is a really well made grip, and perfect for anyone with midget hands. No applications outside of that. Needs to be an 1/4 inch longer and it would be perfect. That is all...

  • 5
    Mod 3 kd

    https://youtu.be/ijabih8brLk. Love the grip for a mini style ar15

  • 4
    Too short for me

    Very good product but my pinky finger was left out.

  • 4
    Mod3 kd

    BCM quality, BCM feel. Easy to install and fits perfectly for this build. Did not take long to get used to the shorter grip. Imo would have been better with a bottom cap. I recommend