BCM® Grip Mod 1 - Flat Dark Earth

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Selected as one of the "Best of SHOT Show 2012", by Military Times Gear Scout
BCM® Offers Another Product Designed for the Modern Day Gun Fighters !
Upon introduction of the M16 in the 1960s the manual of arms for shooting positions included a bladed stance with an extended elbow on the fire control side.


Because of numerous changes in the dynamics of the current fighting techniques we now virtually square off with the bad guy when engaging the target. The Gun Fighter's Grip by BCM allows for a reduced angle and improved ergonomics when shooting in the modern gun fighting stances.

The BCM®™'s Grip (GFG) features
  • Reduced angle for improved ergonomics
  • Hinged trap door offering storage inside the grip with a water resistant rubber gasket
  • Each grip includes both an extended modular insert to close the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip, and a smooth modular insert for use with some rifles with larger built in trigger guards. (user can decide which one to install)
  • Made in the USA and manufactured from high quality impact resistant polymers.
  • Test fit to ensure proper function (may display attributes consistent with this QC process)
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

56 Reviews

  • 4
    BCM pistol grip

    Grip feels great, but the modular piece that inserts between grip and trigger guard doesn't fit great and leaves a little gap between grip and insert. Its just a visual thing, otherwise I love the grip. I would give 5 stars if the insert fit perfectly

  • 5

    I own 4 of these grips. One for every AR I have. The texture and angle are absolutely perfect. I recommend them to every one I talk to. If I acquire additional AR platform rifle's or pistols I will be purchasing more.

  • 5
    BCM Gunfighter Grip

    An Awesome grip, more vertical than a standard A2. Fits my hand perfectly

  • 5
    pistol grip mod 1

    The first piece of beige plastic I wasn't horrified to receive in the mail. Fits well in the hand. No complaints.

  • 5
    Best feel

    The angle of the grip feels great, it has a really tight fit on to the lower with no gaps.

  • 5
    Good Stuff

    I got this for my brother Rock River to upgrade it and he loves it. Very ergonomic. He also just thought it was cool cause he ain't into guns. He's a car guy. If he's happy, this s**t is good.

  • 5
    BCM grip Mod 1

    Another top notch part from BCM.

  • 5
    Very Nice

    This is a much more comfortable and ergonomic grip than the default milspec A2 grip. This is a bit wider than the A2 and I don't feel like I can get my hands around it as well, but it's way more comfortable to hold - it's more grippy but less coarse and rough. I like the included pieces to go over the trigger guard. The A2 grip was causing gnarly callouses on the side of my middle finger where it hit the trigger guard. This grip comes with a polymer piece to cover that, which is much more comfortable. The angle is also more vertical, which lead me to shorten my stock and get a much better grip on and cheek weld on the rifle. The storage compartment is a nice touch too.

    Only complaint is that it uses a slotted screw (aka flathead) for attachment. Not a huge deal, but it's not 1930 - a hex nut would have been much less slippy and easier to work with.

    Still, very comfortable and good looking grip. The FDE color matches the foregrip I ordered perfectly.

  • 5
    BCM Gunfighter FDE Pistol Grip

    Got this grip because I wanted some FDE on my black AR-15 and because I love BCM products. Dealing with them was easy and shipping was fast. The reduced angle on the grip was an added bonus and really just makes the gun sit naturally in your hand and adds a great feel. Now the gun feels completely personalized and MINE. All around great experience as usual, would definitely recommend.