LaRue Quad Rail Handguard - 9.0"

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LaRue Tactical 9.0" Handguard LT15-9
9.0 inch free-floating handguard with LaRue Locking System.

Excellent choice for short rifles in the 10"-16" range. The 9.0's length stops just past a carbine-length gas block, providing true free-float. LaRue Tactical's two-pin proprietary barrel nut system with its locking anti-slip plate, sets LaRue handguards apart from the competition. Once properly installed, there is no chance of movement whatsoever. The side and bottom rails are tucked closer to the barrel, keeping the profile narrower and more streamlined. LaRue handguards also include integral QD sling-swivel sockets at the base of each side for convenient mounting 2-point slings. Additionally, the LaRue Free-float Rail system provides an excellent heat-sinking feature that pulls throat-damaging heat away from the chamber area. Another heat-sinking benefit is the elimination of pressure-spikes, which some feel is the cause of a large part of pre-mature bolt failures.
Comes complete with Allen wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions.

Weighs .854lb
CNC-machined out of aluminum
Integral QD sling-swivel sockets on both sides
Hard coat anodized, with T-Numbers
Low-profile bottom and side rails
Special rail cuts allow both mil-issue and standard rail covers

LaRue Tactical Products are made in the dead center of Texas.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    One solid, stylish rail.

    This is one piece of slick engineering and quality production. If you can follow instructions, the installation is easy, but does involve more steps than the typical handguard. The only challenging part was that the prongs on my barrel nut wrench could have been a hair longer to make tightening the barrel nut a little easier. The barrel nut sits deep enough inside the retention ring that as the nut gets tight it's at the edge of my Wheeler AR multi wrench's capabilities. It's easy to align with its design and the retention/alignment tab.

    The machining and finish on this are nigh on perfect. There's about a 1/4" gap from the end of the rail to my gas block, keeping the gas tube well protected, but still gapped enough to avoid any contact between rail and gb when the barrel vibrates when fired. The finish is smooth and hard, the color is perfectly even, and the edges and corners aren't sharp but also aren't overly rounded. The QD sockets are steel inserts that have partially limited rotation, and their finish is also hard and uniform. I don't think anything's missed by having a gap in the rail directly in front of the receiver.

    Style was the deciding factor for a quad rail from BCM, Midwest Industries, or LaRue -- all of which were in contention because of their quality and having a product appropriate for this build.

    I can't wait to do another build using a LaRue rail.

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    Great rail

    Absolutely wonderful. This rail beats out most other rails for me. It fits well in the hand and is high quality.

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    Unbeatable quality

    I own two of these now. They are so easy to install and feel like they could survive a bomb going off! Excellent design!

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    LaRue Quad Rail Handguard

    Sure would be nice to have some simple information like this won't work with a .875 Gas Block I have tried 3 different ones they are all to big.