20 and 30 round capacity magazines CANNOT be shipped to:

California     Colorado     Connecticut     Hawaii     Maryland

Massachusetts     New Jersey     New York     Vermont     Washington D.C.

Magpul PMAG® 20 Magazine BLACK (20 rounder)

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  • 20 and 30 round capacity magazines CANNOT be shipped to:
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Hawaii
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Vermont
    • Washington D.C.
  • If your billing/shipping state is one of the above restricted states, your entire order will be canceled.
  • These magazines may also be restricted by certain local jurisdictions.  It is your responsibility to know and abide with your local gun laws.
  • Any orders with magazines MUST be shipped to the billing address of the credit card.
  • Law Enforcement officers are not exempt from this policy.
Magpul® PMAG® 20 (20 round polymer magazine)
Color: BLACK
Current production Mapul PMAG
Engineered from the ground up to be made of injection molded polymer.
Patent Pending design allows for a more aggressive constant curve of ammo stack than found on other Nylon magazines.
Made of "new to the market" reinforced polymer which is very strong and durable.
Can be seated on closed bolt with full 20 rounds loaded.
Snap cover protects feed lips during long term storage.
Floorplate lock.
Proprietary anti tilt follower.
Debris grooves built into mag body.
Molded in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Foliage Green
Magpul PMAGs will not fit into the magwell of some Smith&Wesson AR15 carbines.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Only mags I will buy

    I love the pmags! They feed reliably and the 20rd mags will fit in my rifle carry case while inserted in my rifle.

  • 5
    Works fine in stripped S&W M&P15 lower

    I just noticed teh caveat below the video. I have no issue with any PMAGs not fitting in my M&P15 stripped lower that I got for my build. YMMV, but I wanted to let folks know that with the 'standard' lower style M&P15, they should be ok. I run windowless 30 rounders with no issues at all.

  • 5
    Great Mags!!

    These are very reliable mags. Never had a issue with the 20 or 30rnd mags. They didnt drop free from my Bushmaster lower until I hit them with a file in the right spots. It only took a couple swipes. Oh and to all who are wondering... Bushmasters are super high quality. BCM makes great parts but their lowers are identical to Bushmasters in quality and reliablity

  • 4
    PMAG 20

    Yes the tops dont snap onto the bottom, hence 4 stars, but bro right before me, you act like Bushmaster is quality....? Try it in a BCM lower and you'll see there's no problems with the mag....

  • 3
    Won't clear Mag well on ejection

    Must be pulled from mag-well upon ejection from both of my lowers, one of which is a Bushmaster.

  • 4
    PMAG 5.56 20 Rounder

    The 20 rounder seems a little less featured than the 30 round pmag. First, the follower in this one tilts down at the primer end of the cartridge making loading a little more difficult and tedious than it is in the 30 rounders in my possession. The followers look the same in the two instances other than a stamped (M) at the bullet end of the top of the follower in the 30 rounders. Perhaps there is an updated version in 30 round magazines, but I have no idea. Secondly, the protective cap does not reinstall on the bottom of the magazine like it does on the 30 round pmags. Sort of a bummer cause, well, there's no other good place to put that thing. Otherwise, the magazine works just as it is supposed to, it feeds well, and I'm sure it would put up with the same level of abuse as the 30 round pmags as proven so thoroughly. I gave it four stars because of the aforementioned complaints that I personally have with it. I'd still count on it just the same though.

  • 5
    Perfect Mag for Armalite AR180B

    The polymer PMAG is the perfect mag to use in my ArmaLite AR180B especially since the 180B has a polymer lower and magazine well. It functions perfectly and can't damage the polymer magazine well as steel magazines can. The magazine feeds perfectly and insertion and removal are a breeze. Great Product!

  • 5
    outstanding 20-rnd

    I've used a couple of the other metal 20 round mags and this composite type is by far the best. It loads/drops perfectly from my Mega Machines lower and just feels right.