Crye Precision MagClip (Set of 3)

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The MAGCLIP™ provides new options for carrying and using magazines. Ideal for applications where low visibility, rapid access, or additional capacity is needed.

Simply clip the magazine to any horizontal edge and grab when needed. The MAGCLIP™ attaches directly to the magazine and remains on the magazine - no pouch necessary. Unique clip design allows many carry options: inside the waistband, on the belt, on MOLLE webbing, clipped inside a pack or case, inside a cummberbund, clipped to a vehicle door panel or under a seat.

While not intended to replace all magazine pouches, the MAGCLIP™ is great for quick-access mags, adding mags wherever you have space, low-vis missions, or just throwing a few mags on a belt to hit the range without kitting up.

Compatible with most 5.56 magazine types including GI mags, Magpul Gen1, and Gen 2 M2 PMAGS and EMAGS and HK mags. Patents pending.




Crye Precision MagClip Spec Sheet



***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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5 Reviews

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    Be more man!

    I saw the mag clips on YouTube videos and thought it would fit a quick grab-n-go need. I first had a hard time finding what they where called, then who made them and how to buy.. I got them in a timely manner and happened to have (3) new P-mags the newest ones with the window (whatever they are called).. I tried to install one and NO WAY was it going to fit! NO WAY… I was pissed, then I got a older Sig AR mag and… nope, then a GI metal.. nope! It was just too small. I gave up and figured I had to have ordered the wrong part number and once again I screwed up.. left them on the table for a week or two, then I got a hair across my ass and I looked at my go to instruction booklet (YouTube) and there is a video showing install and it went on easy.. I tried again and NO WAY they are to small.. now at this point I’m pissed. I got a large set of pliers and squeezed the shit out of the clamp and really man handled it.. dam if I wasn’t able to get the screw to just bite on the nut… I started fighting and don’t ask me how but they clip started to conform to the P-Mag.. I was able to tighten the clip all the way and I’m embarrassed to say… fits perfect! It was not easy at all to get it to work but now that they are on they are great! I see why they are made and they are a great idea. Worth the fight to get on…

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    Crye MagClips

    Solid construction, that holds AR mags close to the body without needing mag pouches. Perfect for low-pro or casual AR use, at a reasonable price.

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    Mag carrier

    As advertised. Fits my gen 2 s and holds them securely on my belt.

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    Crye Quality

    Solid as mag holders, really slims down the plate carrier by getting rid of excess room taken up by pouches, I have smaller hands so it adds to the width of the mag but still works quite well

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    Crye Precision MagClip

    I attended a Sheepdog Response Carbine course where the instructors used these mag clips to keep the mags in their pockets. I ordered them the next day. Shipping was fast. The mag clip is rugged constructed and definitely not cheap plastic. I used these at the range and they work really well. The clips hold the mags tight in the pocket and that helps when moving doing drills. Just grab the prongs and lift and the mag pulls out of the pocket with ease.