GEMTECH Shim Kits for Mounting Flash Hiders 5/8 x 24

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5/8" x 24 shim kit, for 5.56 muzzle devices only

This shim kit for mounting flash hiders that are to be used as suppressor mounts: Crush washers and split-ring washers can cause canting of any brand of suppressor - replace those crush washers with a precision-made set of GEMTECH shim washers for perfect alignment and timing. Available in 5/8-24 for 7.62 rifles such as AR10-type carbines, or 1/2-28 for most 5.56mm and 6.8 caliber carbines.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    They worked as advertised

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    Very useful

    This helped me correctly time a muzzle brake. Very useful!

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    Gemtech Shim Kit

    Great shim kit. Allows you to mix and match the shims you need to clock a muzzle device by a few degrees at a time. It's easy to get close enough to be well within spec for tightening the muzzle device down perfectly straight. Keeps everything nice and concentric to the bore to prevent baffle strikes and maximize accuracy potential.

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    Its Gemtech , baby !

    First time needing shims so why the hell not go with Gemtech, I don't have another brand to compare them with but I've spent more on food that poisoned me before so I cant complain.

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    Good idea

    Better than the glued together shims. Just stack them as needed. Easy to redo if it's not spot on the first time.

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    Perfect Fix

    Purchased these to help time a muzzle break form Dead Air. the ones from Dead air I had a hard time getting the correct alignment, and when it was close the shims diameter are too large to get a wrench on the flats. These shims worked perfectly .

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    Shim kit

    Shims were great for the intended purpose and at a reasonable price

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    Just what I needed at a great price!

    These shims were perfect for mounting and timing all my rifles’ muzzle brakes. Timing was easy and comes with quite a few shims - I had enough left over from each pack to shim another rifle if needed. (I bought 2 packs of 1/2 x 28 and 2 packs of 5/8 x 24).

    Bravo Company prices can’t be beat and as usual, shipping was quick and arrived with extra merch packed in with my order! Nice touch which is always appreciated.

    Top notch all round!