SureFire® WARDEN MUZZLE DEVICE Fast-Attach® Blast Regulator - Dark Earth

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  • Non-NFA device directs blast concussion away from areas left and right of shooter's firing position
  • Precision-machined of rugged stainless steel, heat treated and coated with a durable Cerakote™ finish
  • SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach® adapter mount provides fast, easy attachment and removal

Avoid A Concussion. The SureFire Warden Blast Regulator for 5.56 and 7.62 mm weapons is engineered to direct the concussive blast of the fired round forward of the weapon system without venting gas to the side, as seen with standard muzzle brakes. This aids in reducing the overpressure felt by others immediately to the left and/or right of the shooter’s firing position. It also limits any dust signature from the weapon when fired from a prone position. This version of the Warden quickly and easily mounts to any SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach® 5.56 or 7.62 muzzle device through the same patented system found on SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach® Series suppressors. Unlike sound suppressors, Wardens are not NFA devices and are available wherever SureFire products are sold, without any of the restrictions associated with suppressors.


Warden Diagram


  • Directs concussion and muzzle blast forward
  • Fast, easy mounting to any SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach adapter
  • Rugged stainless steel body built to SureFire’s exacting standards
  • Compact and lightweight for minimal effect on weapon handling characteristics
  • Cerakote™ coating maintains look and provides added durability
  • Not restricted in the USA (not an NFA product)
  • Durable construction for long service life
  • Proudly engineered and designed in the U.S.A.









5.56 mm / 7.62 mm


Stainless steel


Cerakote™ finish




Dark Earth


1.5 in (3.8 cm)


3.5 in (8.8 cm)


7.8 oz (221 g)



***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

30 Reviews

  • 5
    Surefire warden

    Great service.

  • 5
    Surefire warden excellence

    Let's be honest. We all get this for the looks and my God does it look amazing. I guess it helps with side concussion ;)

  • 5
    Awesome company

    Fast shipping, awesome to deal with bravo company. The warren may have been a bit off to begin with though. I put it in my scar with the socom muzzle break. Third shot down the barrel and all I saw was a giant spark. I noticed the bullet struck the welded top part of the flash hider. Called surefire, and couldn’t be more pleased with the response. Waiting for a new one to replace the damaged one at the moment.

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    Customer review

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  • 5

    This thing is awesome. I love the quick detach, the color, and function. I run the SOCOM brake and it feels like a kick in the teeth to the shooters next to me, so they very much appreciated me sporting this during training sessions.

  • 5
    Experience with Bravo

    First of all, I was happy to find what I needed when even the manufacturer was out of stock. I'm a dealer but needed this for a class and Bravo had it. Super fast shipping, great experience all around.
    Thank you,

    Mark Morris
    Morris Custom Pistols

  • 5
    Great blast diffuser for tactical shooting

    The Surefire Warren provides the needed blast diffusion to the front of the muzzle in order to shoot in an SBU prone, laying on the side whilst on the deck and shoot inside a range without bothering your fellow shooter.

    I couldn't ask for a much better piece of kit to add to my gear!

  • 5
    Lightning Fast Shipping

    First Time I ever ordered from Bravo Company. Excellent Fast shipping, I had lost my tracking number and by the time I got around to calling them 2 days later for my tracking number for my SureFire Warden it was being delivered to my door lol . Bravo Company I'll be ordering everything from you guys from now on , thank you GREAT JOB !!!

  • 5
    Surefire Warden

    Finish looks awesome and matches up well on a DD mk18 upper. Bravo had extremely fast delivery! Great product, great company!