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Color: Black

XT Texture Panels- Easy Clip On, Clip Off Installation. Can be installed on top rail without removing handguards. Cut to 8 different custom lengths. Each piece can be used individually. Aggressive surface provides positive grip under all conditions.

Sold 1 Each.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

16 Reviews

Write a Review
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    Not very good

    Posted by Steve on Jul 28th 2008

    It seemed very difficult to put on, so I really didn't push it. I'm going to return them, and pick up a couple of more XTMs instead. If you have to strain that hard to get a product on, It's probably because it doesn't fit in the first place. Honestly, I would just use the XTMs and avoid the headache of trying to make these fit. That's my opinion.

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    Very tight covers

    Posted by Battl3fr0t on Jul 15th 2008

    I like these better then the tango down rail covers alot better cuz they stay in one place and do no wiggel at all. They cut very easy, I put them on both sides of my LaRue FVG and they fit very nice, I also have them on the side's of my rail.. I just wish they sold 9" for middys so you can cover the whole rail but other then that they are the best rail covers I have came across..

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    XT Rail Cover

    Posted by Don on May 31st 2008

    Great looking product; just wish they installed a bit easier. Took about 15-20 min of Blood,Sweat and Tears but I finally got them on. It seems the trick is to pre-bend the lips on the covers just before laying them on the section of the rail yuo desire, then press and lift as you go for a firm fit. Theyr'e snug and have no rattle whatsoever.

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    Get the XTM's instead.

    Posted by S. Boehm on May 29th 2008

    Now that the Magpul XTM covers are coming out, I will be getting rid of these. They work well as rail covers, but they do have some drawbacks.
    If you cut these covers to 2 or 3 segments, they are very easy to knock loose. My fix was to ziptie them to the rail system.
    Some people have trouble installing these rails. I found that if I hold the rail over the location I want to install it. Then, with my 4 fingers on each hand along the edge of the rail. Thumbs at the center of the rail. Press with your thumbs and pull with your fingers.
    This will bend the cover and open the engagement lips.
    After they've been used for a while, they will become much easier to remove, and thus easier to fall off.
    The new XTM covers are also cheaper.
    You also do not have to cut the rails and ruin their reuse in other places with the XTM's.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael M on Sep 29th 2007

    I cut my rail covers into four sections each on ther perferations. These are a must for those of us with full rail systems.

  • 5

    Posted by Brody on Sep 1st 2007

    Good feel, east to install, very durable. The best looking covers out there, in my opinion.

  • 4
    XT Rail Covers

    Posted by Jonathan Hylton on Jun 9th 2006

    Very durable nice finish and easy to install.