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Specially developed on request from the USMC, the A5 Combo Kit stock configuration was developed specifically for the future upgrade on the M16A4. If adopted, the newly revamped rifle might be designated as the M16A5.


The patent pending Vltor A5 configuration stock kit is not just an EMod stock with M4 components; it's developed as a completely new operating system. For example, the receiver extension is longer, housing a longer and specially weighted buffer, utilizing the M16A2 action spring. The A5 receiver extension features seven adjustment positions. When totally collapsed, the EMod is at the same length if mounted to any carbine length (M4) receiver extension. When totally extended (in the seventh position), the EMod can extend to a longer length of pull than an M16A2 stock assembly.


Recently tested by a professional source, the A5 system has proven to be more reliable then the M16A2, M4 and the recently released H6 stock systems. With the use of the M16A2 action spring, the A5 system resembles the reliability and performance of the M16 fixed stock system. By having the same characteristics of the M16 fixed stock system, the A5 has shown increased accuracy and milder/smoother function, due to the constant spring rate the M16A2 spring offers. To reiterate, the A5 system offers everything the M16 fixed stock system offers, but with increased reliability and performance.


The A5 system is a superb upgrade for piston systems. Piston equipped ARs, are usually over-gassed and show excessive carrier velocities, which can lead to unreliability and decreased accuracy. As tested on numerous piston systems (such as the HK 416 platform), the A5 system has tamed such platforms and reduced the weapons rate of fire while retaining, if not increasing, the weapons reliability. Also available for the A5 system are two heavier weighted buffers for the weapon or shooter with special needs. Each heavier buffer upgrade is offered separately, but not in kit form.


To sum it up, all AR based platforms will benefit from the A5 system. If accuracy and reliability is what you desire, then the Vltor A5 system is what's required.

Kit includes: VLTOR A5H2 buffer weighing 5.3oz and rifle spring, seven position receiver extension, lock plate, lock nut and VLTOR EMOD stock


***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

6 Reviews

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    VLTOR Stock and BCM Service

    I was turned to the VLTOR A5 stock by a friend of mine due to the length of my arms and it's recoil mitigation when paired with other operating systems. I love this system! On BCM's service, I have no complaints. In stock items I have ordered from them have been shipped quickly and nothing has arrived damaged or in I'll shape from what's described. When something is not in stock there has been no problem being notified when it becomes available when requested. I recommend BCM to others and will be using them in the future!

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    Perfect Upgrade

    I bought the A5 Conversion Kit after growing tired of my Magpul CTR feeling loose and making a rattling sound whenever I handled the rifle. The A5 is a very tight fit the buffer tube it came with and I like it. 100% reduction in rattle, zero sound. The storage is nice for my eotech batteries and profile of the rifle with it mounted feels much more balanced. I noticed a big difference in recoil, the action has slowed down a bit my brass is ejecting at 5 o' clock again (over gassed system with M16 BCG was ejecting at 3 o' clock before upgrade). I'm going to be upgrading all of my AR's with this.

  • 5
    Totally impressed

    I bought the VLTOR A5 kit for my USMC A4gery build. I am totally impressed to say the least. The stock is rock solid with ZERO wobble. I had previously had an A2 stock on the rifle and the difference in feel vs. the A2 was very apparent. I don't have that annoying *shing* sound from the buffer spring anymore. The rifle feels overall more solid and the stock is weighted perfectly to counter the M5 RAS on the front. I definately recommend this stock.

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    I ordered the VLTOR A5 EMOD Conversion to create a Semi-Automatic Version of the proposed USMC M16A5. I have always preferred the 20" barrel length as this is what I trained on and used in the service. Using a BCM 20" upper and Daniel Defense M-4 Lower, the upgrade was easy to install and the performance is superb. My husband and I are very impressed with this configuration.

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    Top of the Line

    This stock is just as described above. Very well built, extremely versatile, and looks great. The extra length setting improves stability for distance shots and the quality is top notch. Makes the original stock on my other AR look like cheap plastic. Expensive but worth it if you want a true upgrade for your rifle.

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    Excellent upgrade for any AR

    I have the Emod installed in my LWRC M6 A3 DMR and the stock is rock solid no rattles and locks perfectly in place. This helps when you want tighter groups as the stock holds well on recoil and has a nice cheeckweld that allows proper alignment to any scope or HWS. Highly recommend if you are in the hunt for a high quality upgrade for your AR.