Vltor Basic IMod Stock - Standard (BLACK) (Stock Only)

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The improvements of the IMod are as follows: Integral, but removable non-slip buttpad (color matched to stock components)

  • Rolled/angled buttpad toe with wide traction area. This will assist in running the stock high on shoulder, making the IMod system more user friendly when using web-gear and/or body armor.
  • Improved lock paddle, making it easier to operate and making the contact surface non-slip when operating the lever.
  • Removed most sharp edges that may cause snag points to web-gear or other vital equipment.
  • Improved strength throughout construction of the stock chassis. This will provide maximum strength during Mortaring exercise or unexpected impact.

IMOD at a glance:

Design Removable rubber buttpad and storage compartments. A true Modular buttstock for the AR15/M16/M4 carbine series.
Construction Impact and temperature resistant polymer, specially blended for Vltor. Metal components are either carbon steel or stainless steel (depending on the application)
Compatibility Milspec IMods will only fit receiver extensions/buffer tubes with the outer diameter of 1.150 .
Weight - Nominal Less than 9.4 oz. (with storage compartment and buttpad installed)

Length: 6.250 (without buttpad)
Length: 6.626 (with buttpad)
Width: 2.500 (with storage compartments installed)Height: 5.210 (with buttpad installed)

Color Finish All stocks have a matte (anti-reflection/glare) finish. IMods are only available in the following colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth (Tan) and Foliage Green. Foliage Green is more of a grey green versus Olive Drab.
Special Features

Storage capacity: Each side compartment can hold at least two AAs or three lithium CR123 3-volt batteries. The internal diameter of each compartment is 0.685 .

Sling mounting: All Modstocks, including the IMod will accept a push-button, quick detachable sling swivel or a conventional web sling, measuring up to 1.375 in width.
The compartment has a bore, accessible from either end, which will house any item measuring no more than 0.680 of an inch in diameter. The bore dimension was specifically developed to access the 3-volt lithium battery most commonly used in tactical flashlights. The compartment is enclosed on both ends with water and element resistant locking caps, which seals the compartment's bore.
The Modstock system is made from a special glass filled nylon and metal components. The nylon has been specially formulated to be lightweight, high strength and impact, temperature, and chemical resistant. The metal components are stainless steel or quality carbon steel, finished in manganese phosphate to a MIL-SPEC standard.
This stock is made to fit over your Mil-Spec dimention receiver extention. (Colt, Vltor, BCM®, CMT, LMT, Stag Arms)
As this stock was originally designed as a military replacement/upgrade to the USGI Colt M4 stock, it is made to Mil-Spec dimentions. It will not fit on commercial dimention receiver extentions.
This product includes:
Stock Body
Storage Compartments
Compartment Caps and Compartment Mounting Hardware
Not Included: Mil-Spec receiver extention, end plate, lock nut, buffer, action spring
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

4 Reviews

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    Imod Stock

    Love this stock... my 3rd! Great customer service and fast shipping as always... nothing new from Bravo Company.

  • 5

    For me this stock is a comfortable/perfect fit. Love the battery storage and over all design. Every stick in my box is sporting one!

  • 5
    Vltor basic IMOD stock

    Ok, I want to give an amazing review for this. But I don't want to type that much. I live this stock on my Daniel Defense m4a1. It fits beautifully, very sturdy, and really changed the feel of the rifle. Best investment upgrade I've put in to my rifle other than my bcm gunfighter charging handle. I'd post a picture if I could.

  • 4
    A Great Upgrade from MOE

    Looking for a better cheek-weld than my MOE stock in a SOPMOD-style package, I looked into the LMT SOPMOD, B5 Systems SOPMOD, and VLTOR IMod.

    The LMT SOPMOD is too expensive for me. I'm sure it's real nice, but I don't think it's $200 nice. Put it another way, $200 is 20% of what my BCM middy cost me.

    The B5 Systems SOPMOD is an economical alternative over the LMT SOPMOD and it's even more appealling that they are also a government supplier of SOPMODs. However, it seemed hit or miss w/ the fitment -- it fit perfectly for some, while it fit a bit too snug for others. It seems like B5 is listening to their customers and making adjustments and improvements over the SOPMOD design though.

    Ultimately, I chose the Vltor IMod because it's the most economical alternative over both SOPMODs. Unfortunately, what concerned me about the B5 SOPMOD w/ regard to fitment is also a concern on the Vltor. It's just a wee bit too snug for my tastes and for that, I give it 4-stars.