Milazzo-Krieger M-K II A3 Bronze Two Stage Match Trigger (AR15) by Wisconsin Trigger Company

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Milazzo-Krieger Model M-K II A3 Bronze * Tactical Match Grade Trigger by Wisconsin Trigger Company

All the features found in the M-K IIA2 with the added benefit of a bronze receiver pin bearing..

Milazzo-Krieger Two Stage Tactical Match Trigger System For AR15 / M16 Family of firearms.

The M-K IIA3 is geared to the person that knows what they want in a trigger. The M-K IIA3 is the most adjustable of all the M-K II trigger systems. You get an adjustable second stage release along with interchangeable disconnector springs used on all M-K II trigger systems, as well as a new safety selector which can be installed from the left or right side of the receiver. Inside the new selector is an adjusting screw that allows the user to set the overtravel to the absolute perfect distance for their style of shooting. Having the adjusting screw in the selector gives the added benefit of steel on steel positive overtravel stops. This is a more firm stop then steel on aluminum found on other triggers.

Combine all that with the A2 style short reset disconnector and you have an extremely adjustable, high speed tactical trigger with crisp, clean and predictable National Match release of the M-K II. This makes the M-K IIA3 ideal for your match rifle or that new DMR you have been thinking about. Fits receivers that use the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins.

*The Bronze Advantage

What is the Bronze Advantage? The trunnion of the trigger housing is machined to allow for the installation of a bronze insert and then finish machined to fit the receiver pin. The end result is a trigger that rides in a cushion of extremely

slippery bronze that gives the M-K IIA1 Bronze the smooth, drag-free pull through first and second stage.

  • Added lubrication retention
  • Less lubrication required
  • Less pin to trigger friction
  • Low pin wear
  • Less trunnion hole deflection

Fits receiver using the standard GI size 0.155 receiver pins.

All M-K II models include:

1 Hammer

1 Hammer Spring

1 Trigger Spring

1 Trigger Housing assembled with a blue 4.5 Lb. Medium Disconnector Spring.

1 Red 3.5 Lb Light Disconnector Spring

1 White 5.0 lb. Heavy Disconnector Spring

Actual pull weight will vary slightly due to receiver tolerances

(Disconnector springs are easily changed to the users preference.)

2 Hammer / Trigger Receiver Pins

1 Sample tube of Slip 2000 lubricant

*Actual pull weight will vary slightly due to receiver tolerances.

Installation Videos

This first video is an overview and some history of the Milazzo-Krieger 2-Stage Trigger System. It includes information on setting the disconnector for 2nd stage engagement, setting the overtravel, and checking safety engagement. The video also addresses proper care and maintenance and the proper tools that are needed for installation.

The Wisconsin Trigger Company is now the home for the Milazzo-Krieger M-K II Two Stage Match Trigger System. This is the original US patented two stage trigger for the AR15 and M16 family of rifles and pistols

History of the Milazzo-Krieger M-K II

The M-K II was only in production for a short time with production numbering of approximately 3000 units split between the large pin Colt style models and small pin standard models. The M-K II was introduced in the early 1990's and was quickly adopted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). The M-K II was used with great results at Camp Perry and in inter services matches setting numerous world records. By 1994 it was the only trigger used by the USAMU in the competition M16 rifles. Some of the original M-K II systems are still competing and winning in civilian hands after all this time. Production was completely halted shortly after its introduction in the mid 1990's.

Reintroduction of the M-K II

On the 25th anniversary of the M-K II system, The Wisconsin Trigger Company is honored to offer this world class match trigger for the AR15 / M16 rifle and pistol family of firearms once again.

Production will be with the original fixtures and test jigs Charlie Milazzo hand crafted in the late 1980's. The Wisconsin Trigger Company has made a commitment to hold the same tight quality control and the extreme tolerances that made the M-K II the finest two stage match trigger in the world. All of the major components are cast within the same molds at the same foundry as the first units produced.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are backing up our commitment with a transferable lifetime guarantee on all the trigger systems we produce. The original M-K II was so well designed and manufactured with such high standards, we are pleased to offer this same guarantee to any original M-K II trigger system produced prior to us taking over production in 2015. We will be posting more of the rich history of the Milazzo-Krieger M-K II Match trigger System as it is uncovered. If you or some one you know was one of the USAMU or one of the civilian competitors that used the M-K II to set a record, please email The Wisconsin Trigger Company and let us know if your record is still standing.

Mission Statement of The Wisconsin Trigger Company

Our Wisconsin business manufactures the Original Milazzo-Krieger M-K II Match Trigger Systems. We seek to produce the finest triggers available for the AR15 and M16 family of firearms. We are a family owned and operated business, with customer service that might be expected from the corner grocer. Our customers include AR15 enthusiasts and target shooters, or anyone who demands superior quality triggers personalized to their own shooting styles.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***