ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec Trigger (QMS)

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1. Performance Advantages for the Shooter
The ALG Defense QMS trigger pull is smoother than a stock trigger. This is accomplished by honing the sear surfaces smooth while not removing metal below the valleys of the stock surface finish.
Sear geometry has not been changed from standard so the high reliability that the stock trigger is known for is unchanged.
Trigger and hammer are made from true 8620 alloy steel military specification castings, correctly carburized, quenched and tempered for high surface hardness.
Disconnector is 1070 High Carbon steel properly Austempered into the spring range of hardness
Springs are corrosion resistant and meet military specifications.
A full force hammer spring is used for positive ignition of all type of ammunition.
Trigger and hammer pins are improved over stock mild steel by using 4140 Chrome-Moly steel that has been quenched and tempered. Pins are centerless ground to a fine finish and a diameter 0.001 larger than stock to reduce play in the trigger assembly while retaining a slip fit into the weapon lower receiver.
Pull weight is above the U.S. Military minimum pull weight of 5.5lbs but does not reach near the upper limit of 9.5lbs. Generally, the pull weight is about 6.5lbs.

2. Advantages for the Armorer
The ALG Defense QMS trigger is an enhanced standard trigger so maintenance and installation procedures are unchanged.
There is spare parts commonality between the QMS and stock triggers
Trigger assembly parts may be interchanged between triggers, there are no matched sets.
Since it is a trigger meeting the U.S. Military trigger specifications for the M4 Carbine, the ALG Defense QMS can be substituted for lower performing stock triggers while still staying in compliance with Unit or Departmental requirements.


***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    ALG QSM Trigger

    Quality product, my choice for first 5.57 pistol build. Rounds down range, ALG QSM trigger performed better than a standard mil-spec trigger. An affordable upgrade without sacrificing quality.


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    high end mil-spec trigger

    This a high end mil-spec trigger at a very reasonable price. Component quality, and trigger feel is superior to standard mil-spec triggers. Very clean break, no heavier pull weight than typical broken in AR triggers.
    And Bravo Company has them at a great price!

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    Great trigger

    Not only was it a clean break, but there was almost no take up to it. It is a heavy trigger with full power spring so be aware of it. In my opinion it is just like the ACT trigger ALG offers but heavier. Every Milspec trigger should be this trigger. If your department has some extra cash to throw towards rifles one year, try to lean them towards this (that’s if you don’t have good triggers already) it’s worth the money and everyone will appreciate it.

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    Nice Geissele / ALG trigger

    Another excellent Geissele / ALG trigger. Some take up but has a clean break. Need to try one of there reduced hammer springs. Prompt Delivery.

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    Excellent trigger

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    R&R my stock trigger assy on my AR-15 from Bushmaster and it was like going to power steering from not having any and best of all it was not the pricey one, it was the lowest price one you have, ALG mil-spec trigger. Well satisfied with it especially for the price.

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    As advertised

    I have the ALG ACT and like it a lot so thought I would try the QMS for my next build. If you want something better than a standard mil spec trigger in a generic LPK, then I would recommend the QMS. Obviously it’s no Geissle $250 trigger, but almost no creep and breaks real nice. It’s perfect for a mid level build, but so is the ACT.

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    Customer review

    Product shipped fast , quality was good installed and it worked great. Clean break with very little creep , nice trigger!

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    Customer review

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