Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G) Trigger

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The Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G) trigger is the flat trigger bow version of the Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) trigger. Like the S3G, the SD-3G has a shortened pull length and a lightning-quick reset to give it a unique, hybrid trigger pull that is a cross between a traditional two-stage and single-stage trigger while still retaining the safety and robustness of a two-stage combat trigger. The SD-3G’s flat trigger bow further enhances the trigger’s performance by reducing the perceived pull weight and improving the trigger’s tactile feedback to the operator making it ideally suited for 3 Gun competition shooting.

The SD3G trigger has a very short, light pull and reset. Geissele does not recommend it for duty use, bench rest, accuracy work or shooting small groups. It is designed for close course competition use where rapid target engagement with quick follow up shots are required.

Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G) Trigger Specification

TYPE:   Hybrid Rolling Break

 3.0 -  4.0 lbs. (Lighter Spring)

 4.5 - 5.5 lbs. (Heavier Spring)

RECOMMENDED USE:   3 Gun Competition
PIN SIZE:   Mil-Spec


All weights are approximates.

Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G) Trigger Notes

Please note, Geissele's triggers are designed for mil-spec AR15/M4 carbine rifles. Geissele's AR15 triggers are not compatible with the Sig MPX/MCX weapons or Pistol Caliber Carbine AR15/M4 variants.  Using them in these platforms will void the warranty.


***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Solid Trigger

    Installed in a Radian lower. Easy install and a really smooth trigger. Used 4.5 lb spring because it’s supposed to be more reliable. And if you want the fastest shooter go with a Hyperfire Eclipse.

  • 5
    No going back

    All of my black rifles are getting one of these!!

  • 5
    Geissele Super Dynamic - 3 Gun (SD-3G) Trigger

    Fit and finish is perfect. 1 side note is this trigger is setup for very fast shooting or very precise. Very short take up and you will be surprised every time it breaks. Reset is also very short.

  • 5
    Bee's Knees!

    This trigger is the bee's knees! Nice crisp break and super short reset. Everything I've ever wanted in a trigger and more!

  • 5
    What an Awesome Trigger

    This trigger is super smooth and extra crisp. I have a CMC flat trigger that is really good and this is way better! It definitely is engineered to perfection, great job Geissele I will definitely be buying more triggers from you.

  • 5
    Best trigger ever

    It was everything I was told and more. I'm spoiled now. Nothing else compares.

  • 5

    Once again, Geissele demonstrates their prowess with another outstanding trigger. Feels tight, crisp and sure reset. Well done.

  • 5
    Best 3 gun trigger

    The best trigger for sending as much lead down range as you can move your finger and the reset on this is extremely short compaired to G.I trigger . light trigger pull also thos the best trigger i ever owned .