Geissele Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

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Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger Description

The Geissele Super Dynamic-Combat (SD-C) Trigger featuring an exclusive flat trigger bow, is a rugged, non-adjustable combat trigger with a sear design that provides a wide margin of safety against unintentional discharges yet still gives the operator a sharp, repeatable trigger release.

The SD-C is a flat bow variant of the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) trigger.

Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger Specification

TYPE:   2 Stage
1st STAGE WEIGHT RANGE:   2.75 - 3.0 lbs.
2nd STAGE WEIGHT RANGE:   1.5 - 1.75 lbs.
TOTAL PULL WEIGHT RANGE:   4.25 - 4.75 lbs.
RECOMMENDED USE:   Law Enforcement, Home Defense, Hunting
PIN SIZE:   Mil-Spec


All weights are approximates.

Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger Notes

Please note, Geissele's triggers are designed for mil-spec AR15/M4 carbine rifles. Geissele's AR15 triggers are not compatible with the Sig MPX/MCX weapons or Pistol Caliber Carbine AR15/M4 variants.  Using them in these platforms will void the warranty.


***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Crispy like some southern chicken

    This thing rocks, super crisp break, clean reset. Love the flat face.

  • 5

    Best trigger I've ever used

  • 5
    Awesome trigger

    If you're looking for a light trigger with very little travel this is the one. Definitely improves accuracy over a standard trigger assembly. Such a smooth trigger really allows your mind to stay focused down range without having to fight a stiff trigger. The flat face of the trigger allows for you a more consistent squeeze as well since no matter where you're finger lands vertically on its face the trigger always reacts the same! It's the only trigger that I use on my builds. Top notch product

  • 5
    Love this trigger

    This trigger is really no joke. I know Geissele SSF models are used in the military. The SDC models are exceptional and got the same quality as the SSA models in reliability and trigger pull feel. There are a lot of flat bow triggers out there for much cheaper price, but if you want the real deal - as in something that's going to be reliable, easy to use, and feels good - then this is the trigger you want to buy. Definitely bring out the extra cash and just buy once, cry once.

  • 5
    Superb Combat Trigger!

    I agonized for 2 years over spending so much for an aftermarket combat trigger. I finally bought one of these, and I am more than pleased! This is NOT a match trigger, by any means, but for a combat trigger, it exceeded all expectations. Made from tool steel and sturdy as a tank. Worth every penny, and then some. I plan on replacing all of my AR triggers with these Geissele SD-C triggers.

  • 5
    Like the SSA....but better.

    This has the "guts" of the SSA trigger, with a few improvements that cause the perceived trigger stroke to be lighter than the SSA, even though the same pressure is applied to the sear mechanism. 1) the sear-disconnect line has been move forward slightly, improving leverage and 2) the trigger bow is flat, allowing lower trigger finger placement which also improves leverage. It feels about a half pound lighter than the SSA and the break is crisper. It is an outstanding trigger. For somebody who is runnin-and-gunnin at a 3-gun match or maybe hog hunting, this is a perfect trigger for you.