BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Vertical Grip Mod 3-Picatinny - Black

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The new (United States Patent 9,709,358) BCM® Direct Mount Picatinny 1913 interface system, was developed to be the most rigid, light-weight, and cost effective system available for Vertical Pistol Grips and Hand Stop type accessories.

Most of the industry relies on a simple screw and backing nut for a mounting system. BCM has developed a patent pending anchor system that not only secures to the mounting surface, but spreads the energy and force throughout the accessory. Conventional mounting systems can allow for an increased amount of shifting and flexing of the accessory. The BCM direct mount interface system reduces those issues and offers a more secure lockup, eliminating play in the mounting surface.


Direct Attach Picatinny 1913 Rail Version

  • Low-profile length for increased mobility and decreased "snag" factor.
  • The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm, while providing a more natural wrist angle.
  • Can be mounted in reverse angle to increase control when grabbing handguard and grip.
  • Flat sides with aggressive texture give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations.
  • Anchor and bolt system offers a simple robust design, while maintaining a lightweight 1.9 ounces. United States Patent 9,709,358
  • Made in the U.S.A., manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers.


Tools needed: T15 Torx Driver (not supplied)

  • Insert tool (T15 Torx™ driver) into the screw from under the BCM 1913 Vertical Grip
  • Push tool into the screw to extend the Picatinny anchor, making it protrude from the top.
  • With the Picatinny anchor protruding, slide the BCM Vertical Grip onto the Picatinny rail until positioned in the desired location. Grip can be installed in your desired orientation, angled forward or back.
  • Push the BCM Vertical Grip against rail, engaging the BCM Vertical Grip's recoil lug to the intersecting Picatinny rail grooves.
  • With the recoil lugs engaged, tighten the screw to snug the anchor (approximately 40 Inch-lbs. plus quarter turn).
  • Ensure there is no wiggle or forward/backward movement once tight.

*Blue thread locker may be used on threaded fasteners

United States Patent 9,709,358



123 Reviews

  • 3
    Git a grip!

    Posted by CW on Oct 22nd 2019

    Git a grip, which you can easily do!
    I’m not 100% sure that it won’t come loose, but time will tell...

  • 5
    Customer review

    Posted by Anthony Ramos on Oct 13th 2019

    GREAT product.
    Everything I expected..

  • 5
    Vertical grip

    Posted by Ryan on Oct 8th 2019

    Super fast shipping, great customer service and good people 👊🏻

  • 5
    Vertical Grip

    Posted by anonymous on Sep 23rd 2019

    Bravo Company delivers on service and price. Always a pleasure to patronize.

  • 5
    Top notch

    Posted by Justin on Aug 26th 2019

    Fast & easy service/shipping. Top quality product. Especially love the mounting system.

  • 5
    Great vertical grip.

    Posted by Alex Cush on Aug 23rd 2019

    Not too big not too small.

  • 5
    The standard in vertical grips....

    Posted by J on Aug 20th 2019

    Why do so many run it? It's simple, effective, tough, and built with quality. Comfortable with a modified C grip and long enough to hold entirely but not too long that it gets in the way. Having both mlok and keymod the picatinny option is versatile, no need for extra gear when changing your configuration.

  • 5
    Awesome Rail

    Posted by Joshua Gonzalez on Aug 6th 2019

    Love the look and how it functions!

  • 5
    IMHO, the best VFG

    Posted by John on Jul 17th 2019

    I've tried a bunch of foregrips. Short, long, angled, etc. For me, this grip is perfect. Just enough to get a solid pull into your shoulder without being too bulky. I prefer it mounted angled forward. My only complaint is there isn't one in Foliage Green M-Lok.