Troy Folding Battle Sight - REAR

Dual peep, same plane aperture allows for perfect co-witness of red dot and holographic optics
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Troy Industries, Inc. Folding Battle Sights are the strongest and lowest profile Back Up Iron Sight available for the M4, M16, and SR25 Troy Folding Battle Sight - A4 Rear Replaces carry handle sight on all AR-15, M4, M16A4, SR25 and AR10 Flat Top configured weapons
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    Rear sight

    Quality design and manufacturing.

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    Troy rear sight

    Merry nice and

    Good service. Thank you.

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    The Best there is. No question.

    There are plenty of choices in back up sights out there. I've tried several and nothing comes even close to the Troys. Simple, compact and so sturdy I never worry about losing zero. Works perfectly with my A2 sight tower and so low profile that I can't imagine having any trouble mounting a scope or other optic over the top of it in the future. Locks in place when deployed and almost forgotten about when down.

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    good enough... go with Magpul

    i bought this sight becuase i wanted the guaranteed durability troys sights offer. i did NOT get this exact site. i bought the upgrade with the tritium for low light operations. it is a very good sight, durable, fits nicely on rail, and accurate. my main discrepency is with the flip action. it flips up relatively easily with your thumb or a couple of fingers. when it comes to putting it back down however, it can be a tad more difficult than other iron sights ive used. my other choice back up iron sight was the magpul one. i bought one for my brother as a gift one year and he loves it! its springloaded so just a push of a button and it deploys into position. its also extremely easy to fold back down. even though its made of polymer, its equally as durable and accurate as the troy, so im going to have to give 3 of my stars to magpul. being have the price, magpul definitly offers more bang for your buck. you will not regret it!

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    The best...

    Easily flips up with only one finger and locks in the upright position. To lower the sight, you need to depress a button on the left side. I like this one better than the ARMS 40L, which is also a great sight.

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    Troy BUIS

    The best back up sight money can buy. You wont regret it!

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    None better

    If you're in the market for the best. Look no further. Troy Industries is bomb proof.
    The only possible weakness is the flathead screw that holds the iron sight onto your rifle.
    I recommend putting some blue locktite on this screw to minimize the chance.
    The sight itself is very easy to use. No springs or levers to manipulate. Just lift the sight up and it locks in place.
    To close, press the unlock button on the side, and fold it back down.

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    Troy rear sight

    They are proud of their product according to price....but it shows when you get it. Very well made.