TangoDown BattleGrip Flip Grip - BLACK

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The BG-FG Flip Grip allows a shooter to change weapon grip angles... in seconds, without tools. Choose between 24 degrees of rake or true vertical positions, quickly and securely. Select vertical - it's perfect for PSD or weapon in-vehicle use, and enjoy a relaxed strong hand wrist angle. Need to switch to a more conventional raked angle for range use. Just pull down on the grip housing and rotate 180 degrees to lock into position. Simple. Strong. The Flip Grip comes with corrosion proof stainless steel hardware, famous TangoDown bullet proof polymer construction, installation tool and complete instructions. BG-FG Flip Grip fits all M4/M16/AR-15 series rifles and clones. Any rifle or carbine configured to accept the standard M16/AR-15 & 1/4-28 fastener will accept the BG-FG.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

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    Expensive for what you get

    The TD grip does switch from angled to straight as advertised. However, the vertical grip is not true vertical like fore end grips.

    The TD grip has a plastic lip that goes underneath the trigger guard edge. I found that lip really rubbed my fingers the wrong way and used my Dremel to cut them off.

    The TD grip took an hour to mount ! BOTH grips had to be rubber hammer tapped to fit on the AR lower. I was worried the grip would stress crack - the gap is too small.
    I found the mounting hole was drilled a few degrees off - so it was Impossible to seat the grip and then install the mounting bolt. I had to remove the grip and mount it 1/2 down, visually start the crew in the hole and then tighten the bolt.
    The fit to frame leaves a very small gap. .
    The switching mechanism also uses up most of the storage space in the grip making it hard to store batteries there.
    The grip does not come with a base plate to seal the hole gap in the bottom.