TangoDown SHORT Vertical Grip - BLACK

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A shorter version of the BGV-MK46 Vertical Grip, THE NEW Stubby Grip (BGV-MK46K) is ideal for breaching shotguns, MK18's and M4 carbines. Perfect for Keeping CQB style weapons as compact as possible. Screw on cap allows for storage of small spare parts or batteries. Unlike the original Vertical Grip, the Stubby has no pressure switch pocket. Installation is the same as the BGV-MK46 Vertical Grip.

Color: Black
Please note: TangoDown vertical grips may be very tight on YHM or MI rails and may have to be fitted for installation.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

6 Reviews

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    Solid build, great compact size for what I was looking for. Very sturdy on the rail too, no wobble. Very stubborn to get on but that's expect. Very satisfied.

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    Awesome VFG

    My favorite VFG, i went with this model over the QD version since the QD lever can get in my way when i shoot left handed.

    It also comes with two clips that hold down the fasteners so you can put it on easier. I also used a soft mallet to get it into place on my Geissele rail, it's a tight fit at first.

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    Installation Solution

    For those having difficulty installing this grip, try running it under hot water in the sink immediately before you install. This will soften up the plastic of the grip so it glides right on. Use firm steady pressure when pushing it on. Don't use a hammer!

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    Great Fit | Works Great

    I'm not sure why people are having a hard time getting these on the rail. Mine came with little clips to keep the fasteners retracted. Slid on great and locked into place with no problems. I like the stubby grip, because most other grips are just way too long.

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    Good grip but very tight install

    Nice product i am ordering another one however i had to hammer mine on to my Vltor CASV-EL also

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    Good product once it's on...

    I had trouble with fitment as the grip's channel for the rail was a bit too small and didn't go on very easily. It took some hammering with an ASP to get it to slide down the rail. Once I got it on, it's a good product.