Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5.56 MM

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ARMY TM 9-1005-319-10

Operator's Manual for:

Rifle, 5.56 MM, M16A2 W/E (1005-01-128-9936)
Rifle, 5.56 MM M16A3, (1005-01-367-5112)
Rifle, 5.56 MM, M16A4 (1005-01-383-2872) (EIC:4F9)
Carbine, 5.56 MM, M4 W/E (1005-01-231-0973) (EIC:4FJ)
Carbine, 5.56 MM, M4A1 (1005-01-382-0953) (EIC:4GC)

Headquarters, Department of the Army

October 1998

This manual provides operation and maintenance instructions for the M16A2, M16A3, M16A4 Rifles, M4 and M4A1 Carbines. These weapons are lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed. shoulder-fired weapons that can be fired in either automatic, three-round bursts, or semiautomatic.

The purpose of the weapons is to provide personnel and offensive/defensive capability to engage targets in the field. The adapter rails allows the operator the capability to mount various accessories on to the M16A4 Riffle and the M4/M4A1 Carbines.

When a procedure is common to M16 rifle and M4 Carbine, ONLY the M16A2
configuration will be depicted. If a procedure is not common to both weapons, the procedure will be incorporated and the weapon will be identified. If your weapon is configured with adapter rails, refer to the appropriate appendices in this manual for operation and maintenance procedures for the adapter rails.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

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    Operators Manual for Modern Sporting

    Quick read that provides the basic info a grunt would receive in training on the AR platform. It would be great if BCM came out with their own updated manual, even written at a higher level than this basic one. Overall this manual is a great 1st step at learning how to operate & care for any AR

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    Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5.56 MM

    Arrived in good shape. Interesting to see all of the typos in the book, but a ton of good info, too. Certainly worth the Five bucks.

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    Everyone should have at least one of these manuals, and these are the real thing. Highly recommended.

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    Hard to read

    Obviously a reprint of govt publication. The problem is that the reproduced graphics are difficult to see and read.

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    Everything you need to know about AR

  • 5

    Very detailed. Not that there was anything unexpected in the manual, it is still nice to have it around.

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    Quick delivery

    Item was exactly what I expected it to be. Excellent company to do business with. Definitely will continue to shop here.