Magpul MOE AR15/M16 Grip - BLACK

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Magpul® MOE - AR15/M16 Grip

Color: BLACK

The Magpul Original Equipment Grip (MOE) is a cost-effective drop-in replacement for the standard pistol grip on AR15/M16 rifles. Designed with improved ergonomics and an anti-slip texture, the MOE Grip accepts standard Magpul MIAD storage cores, and is compatible with the Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard. Will not work with AR10/SR25 style rifles without modification.
MOE Grip includes a basic core plug and installation hardware.

  Hand-filling beavertail and positive anti-slip texture  
  One-piece construction sized the same as a MIAD grip with the A1 style (F1) front-strap and medium (B2) back-strap  
  Basic storage core cap is replaceable with standard MIAD cores  
  Weight: .182 pounds
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

20 Reviews

  • 5
    Snug Fit great Grip

    Snug Fit great Grip

  • 3
    Good handle but

    Tough to get the storage compartment open

  • 4
    Ar15 grip on an AR10

    The MOE grip feels better than the A2 grip. Its more reminiscent of the AR180 contour. There is a gap between the grip and the end of the receiver, but its only cosmetic.

  • 5
    Customer Rating

    Every order I place with you guys is a great experience! I appreciate the fast shipping and the extra things included in the package such as stickers, hats, posters, magazines etc! You guys always give me great quality products and youre one of my top favorite companies!

  • 3
    Magpul MOE AR15/M16 Grip-BLACK

    Did not fit out of the box. I had to file the inside mating surfaces to get it to fit. Once fitted, it was O.K. Hard to believe it couldn't have been made to fit right out of the box.

  • 5
    An essential part for me.

    This turned out to be a perfect choice for me. It is worlds apart in feel and comfort from the standard grip and now that I have one, I can't imagine having anything else. Let it be known though that this thing was a PITA to get on, but brute force and ignorance usually solve all of my problems. The only grip I will ever use. Period.

  • 5
    Best grip around

    For those that like the standard A2 factory grip or their AR but wish it didn't include the finger separator between the two middle fingers, this one's for you. Also, ever-so-slightly thicker than a standard grip providing a full-handed and firm grip on your rifle. I also like how the end plate covers up the hole on the bottom. Perfect place to stick a couple ear plugs.

  • 4
    Change the screw

    Great grip, ergonomically, and fits the weapon well. The flathead screw, which Magpul provides and advises you to use in place of the original hex-head, is tough to get tight. I checked not once but twice to make sure I wasn't cross threading it. It went in easy at first, but got tougher as it went down, I had to really put pressure on the screwdriver to get the screw in there. Maybe it was my Bushmaster receiver's threads, but a hex-head or torx screw would have been much better. It's on there now, but I wouldn't think about switching it out. One more go round and that flat-head slot will be completely stripped.

  • 5
    great product

    Fits and looks great plus super fast shipping! I received my order 2 days after ordering online!!!!! That's. Ridiculous!!!!