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What started as a custom design built for his Force Recon platoon during a deployment
became a lifelong mission for Travis Haley to build a rifle sling that works around the
end user, and not the other way around.
The D3 Rifle Sling can be run in single point or two point configuration and has been
designed to transition between the two in moments. The sling includes two, positive
locking QD swivels and features Haley's proven, SDI single hand quick adjustment
The sling also debuts a low profile pad, inspired by climbing harnesses created by the
world's leading mountaineering companies. A 5-layer laminated construction sealed
with stretch woven materials, the pad provides stability and comfort without adding
weight or bulk.
The D3 Rifle Sling is the result of over 15 years of continuous use, revision and
improvement, delivering a versatile platform intuitive to the point where the rifle
becomes a natural extension of the body.

Material & Equipment Features
Comfortable Tweave Durastretch shoulder pad
T6 aluminum black anodized IWC/HSP 2 point to single point Triglide
MIL-W-4088 type 7 webbing
Standard Stainless Steel 1 QD sling swivel black oxide (front)
Stainless Steel 1 small D loop QD sling swivel black oxide (rear)
Berry Compliant: Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a) compliant

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

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    Haley Sling

    Light weight, solid construction, functions as intended.

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    Well Done!!!

    Everything ships fast and is in great condition and when you order uppers you get some pretty sweet stuff. Thanks!!!

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    Just OK - over priced and has some flaws

    I’m not a world class competitor like Travis Haley so take what I say with a grain of salt. This sling is awesome in many ways - very light and and well made with great materials but it’s slippery. I carry an SBR and the sling slips in my clothing and drops low. If it just had a LITTLE grippy texture on the underside, it would be a much better sling for practical

    It’s not the most comfortable sling I’ve carried with and I wouldn’t want to carry more than the SBR (8.5” 300Blk) for anything longer than 30-60 minutes.

    Last issue is the tag end in single point configuration - It’s too long. For me, anyway. It’s roughly 3 times longer than any of my other slings. When you bend over to duck under a branch (or something similar) even the SBR hangs low and swings about; requiring at least one hand to secure the weapon to insure it doesn’t hit the ground or get hung up on some low brush.

    None of these issues is a deal breaker and I’m keeping the sling. But I was expecting more.

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    Almost perfect

    Great sling, well made and easily adjustable. Only problem that I have experienced is the QD slider. When I run it in 2 point mode, the slider winds up right where my cheek welds to the stock.

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    Great sling

    Great sling even for a smaller built person.