DPMS Armorer AR15 Wrench

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Install and disassemble Free Float Tubes Install and disassemble Barrel nut Install and disassemble Compensator Install and disassemble Barrel Extension Tube Install and disassemble Carbine Stock 1/2" dive for socket wrench Screw driver tip for buttstock screw Hole for hanging on wall 4140 Steel, mag phosphated
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

21 Reviews

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    Seemed solid...wasn't

    Bought this to remove a stock and the tooth of the wrench wore off within 2 minutes and I wasn't able to get the stock off. The wrench is heavy and feels solid but isn't worth a darn.

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    Gets job done

    Many have stated the coating peels off the wrench as I have also experienced. Ensure you get a good grip before you tighten or remove parts. Gets job done however

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    That was fast!

    I was amazed by how quickly the order was processed and shipped.

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    All in 1

    You can't go wrong with DPMS and this wrench is a must have for someone building a rifle. Has everything you would need to tighten the stock and barrel and even to set a free floating handguard.

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    Should be in every shooters bag

    Excellent quality tool. Great to throw in your range equipment bag.

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    great company!

    I can't say enough about how Bravo Company takes care of you. I have ordered many things and the shipping is always fast, and prices are always low.

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    Key tool for any shooter's tool box.

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    ehh its ok

    First use was to remove staked castle nut but the tooth broke off the wrench. Everything else worked just fine. Would not recommend to remove castle nuts with this tool

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    Great wrench, high quality

    I liked the wrench from the moment I took it out of the bag. It's hefty and very nicely finished with powder coating in a granite look.

    The teeth on the barrel nut side of the wrench are well formed and fit my barrel nuts perfectly (had one to tighten and one to take off.

    I had no trouble using the stock castle nut part of the wrench either loosening or tightening castle nuts. I would not expect this tool to remove a staked castle nut. One with more teeth _might_.

    The flash suppressor notch fit mine perfectly and allowed me to remove the A2 suppressor and install a new brake.

    The 1/2" hole fits my pull handle and my torque wrenches perfectly and allowed me to both remove the old barrel nut and install a new one properly torqued.

    Would I buy this tool again? Yes! (if somehow this one went missing, ;o) )
    Would I recommend this tool? Yes!