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Colonel Folder Facts:
  • Made of N690Co steel with an HRC of 58-60
  • G10 grips with a coarse texture for great retention
  • TOPSHIELD Military Grade coating, this is an anti-wear thermosetting single component pigmented coating containing ceramic compounds. It is used on firearms as well, it has a high resistance to wear, scratching and chemicals
  • Stainless Steel locking liners, push button liner lock mechanism
  • Fox proprietary looking mechanism for 2nd locking
  • Made in Italy by Fox Knives exclusively for ColonelBlades

Guns Have Evolved A Lot Over Time.
So Why Haven't Blades

Blade work is arguably the most difficult discipline to master: tough subject to tackle or change.

ColonelBlades, is focused on creating more advanced blades on which serious practitioners can build better blade skills. The design is patented*. The goal is simple: make blades that can be learned quickly and used everyday.

Are you Military and looking for the blade that will be your 3rd weapons system Are you L/E and need a blade you can confidently utilize in CQB Are you just someone looking for a knife that doesn't require months of training.

Consider this your new blade. Your EDC blade. Your distinct AdvantEdge.

No drill forms to remember. No new stances or grips to learn. Nothing changes--except your ability-level and confidence in blade work.

Al Salvitti

An independent contractor by trade Salvitti is the plumber behind The Plumber Slap. He is also the trainer who has studied, innovated, and taught in the field of hand-to-hand real-world combatives for 40 years. His background includes TaeKwonDo, Akido, and boxing; Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Arnis Filipino stick fighting. He is a Sayoc Kali instructor. Combining all these with years of real-world combatives experience, Salvitti developed an open-hand power strike combatives program and has instructed it to Ranger and S.W.A.T. teams, as well Special Forces, Secret Service, and Tier One Operators.

The Colonel is the outcome of Salvitti s 40-year focus on advancing simple and effective tactics, techniques, and tools in the study of combatives that can be used by the highly-trained and the novice practitioner.

Nico Salvitti

Nico has been training in martial arts since he could walk. He has trained in TaeKwonDo, Brazilian Jujitzu, Kali, Muay Thy, and boxing. He is a practitioner and instructor in Sayoc Kali. Nico has instructed open-hand power strike combatives to Tier One Operators, Rangers, and Special Forces teams, and law enforcement groups with his father for seven years.

Tom Spooner, NorthernRed

Tom has dedicated his adult life to serving our country. His military career began in the 82nd Airborne where he served his first deployment as a private in Operation Desert Storm.

His career lead him to 7th Special Forces Group as a Green Beret with deployments to Central and South America and culminated with 10 years at 1st SFOD-D.

As an Operator, Tom spent 40 months in combat, conducting over 1300 direct action missions. Tom s experience-base includes Hostage Rescue, Kill/Capture and Helo based vehicle interdictions. He served as both an Assault Team leader and Sniper Team Leader in combat. Tom s extensive experience in executing missions that were often opposed by the enemies' most hardened fighters created his passion for teaching the application of marksmanship and tactics in real world scenarios.

J.D. Potynsky, NorthernRed

JD is a former green Beret from the US Army's 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a decorated veteran

with multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His experience includes planning, advising, and leading unilateral and joint force assaults, combat patrols, and reconnaissance missions, as well as training the United States and indigenous forces in small unit tactics, combat skills, and foreign and domestic weapon systems. After leaving the Army he deployed again to Iraq as the Country Manager for private a security company.

J.D. recently teamed with Tom Spooner in their latest venture, NorthernRed, bringing relevant combat proven tactics and training to military, law enforcement, and responsible citizens. Their focus is opposition-based training, real world application of marksmanship and tactics, and American Warrior Class Training and Security.

*Patent US D713,923S

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Best folder for self defense

    The Colonel Folder is absolutely the best folder for self defense for people who are not trained to fight with a knife in a martial way. Blade deploys easily. Handle texturing is aggressive, the knife won't slip out of the hand. Designed so that there's no way to close on your fingers.

  • 4
    Colonel Folder

    I like the Colonel Folder alot. Quality construction. I already had the fixed version, and really do prefer the folder for carry reasons. I would give a 5, but the clip, while very sturdy, is overly tight, and quickly frays the stitching on the pocket of slacks/trousers. The handle is rough stippled for good grip, but could be smoothed at the area where the clip slides on.

  • 5
    One of a kind

    This is my new favorite EDC knife. The quality is excellent, and the ingenious design is unparalleled. I'm VERY happy I found it here at BRAVO because the folder is quickly becoming hard to find at any price. You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    Excellent EDC

    Excellent folder. High quality and ergonomically designed for folder. I returned product because I desire the colonel blade low Vz-pro which out of stock. I hope it is available soon.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Best blades out there

  • 5
    Amazing product

    As with all BCM products, this knife is of the highest quality and intense attention to detail. It is the perfect addition to my EDC and can plan to have this on me for a long time