BCM® KD4 Spec Complete Upper Receiver Group w/ KMR-A13

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About the BCM® KD4 Spec Complete Upper Receiver w/ KMR-A13

KD4 Upper Group with twist rate designed for 77 grain Black Hills ammunition.

This Upper Group features BCM® SS410 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ BCM® KMR *ALPHA* 13" Handguard, 1/7.7 Twist Ionbond Finish on barrel.

"Black Hills Ammunition has been making the most accurate and lethal 5.56 cartridges for years. In particular, their 77 grain OTM or MK 262 variants as its known in the military has performed without fail for over 20 years. I have used it myself and consider it lifesaving equipment.
As a military sniper I came into service when BH 77 grain was gaining favor with my community and also when my community began the concept of what's now known as the MK 12 5.56 light sniper rifle.
Over the years and through many rounds, testing and evaluations I, along with others, discovered that a twist rate of 1/7.7 is the absolute best for optimizing performance from Black Hills 77 grain ammunition. Now thanks to BCM® anyone can buy a complete upper tailor made for use with BH 77 grain variants."
Kyle Defoor
June 2017

About Kyle Defoor

Kyle Defoor is a professional shooter who teaches firearms and tactics to military, law enforcement, and civilians. Specializing in pistol, carbine, urban sniper, and CQB, Kyle gained his knowledge from decorated combat service in multiple war fronts as a special operator and as one of the first and premier tactical trainers in the world. An active motorcyclist, hunter, climber, runner, and waterman he can be seen on multiple TV shows, magazines, websites, and on ranges worldwide.

Please visit Defoor Proformance Shooting

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Kd4 alpha 13

    1.7.7 twist 77g black hill I like

  • 5
    Excellent upper!

    Excellent product. Looking forward to putting some rounds down range with this bad boy

  • 5
    BCM KD4 upper

    I have owned several different barrel and upper configurations over the past 6 to 7 years that were wylde chambered SS 416, and even 4 of them were from a company that makes a really famous QD mount. All of these barrels did not have the accuracy I had come to expect from them and even when they did they were very finicky about what ammo or hand loads were put through them. This is the first barrel that I have ever seen get 1/2"-3/4" to 1" groups with factory and handloaded ammo. Even when I was working up a hand load for this barrel I almost could not decide which powder charge was the best because it grouped tight all the way up to the ladder. If you were able to ask any of my shooting buddies that know me well they would say that I am very picky and I have to say that this barrel and upper combo has impressed me like no other. I am definitely going to be purchasing another 1 or 10 of these! This is probably going to become my all-around favorite upper to shoot.