BCM® 18" SS410™ Barrel with Rifle Length Gas (stripped) 1/8 Twist

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension
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Requires the use of the .750 gas block
Approximate Weight: 2lbs 8oz.
BCM® SS410 Barrels
This BCM stripped barrel is machined from a 410 stainless steel. It features hand lapped button rifling with a 1/8 twist rate and M4 feedramps. To give the shooter the best balance of weight and accuracy this BCM Mk12 barrel has a mid-weight profile and a rifle length gas system. (410 stainless is a harder and more corrosion resistant than the conventional 416 stainless found in most barrels.)
Requires the use of the .750 gas block.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

18 Reviews

  • 5
    Fantastic Barrel

    This barrel is perfect for a MK12/DMR build. It shoots XM193 ammo at sub MOA groups. Highly recommend rifle length gas system as well. BCM makes great stuff, you won’t be disappointed.

  • 5
    Quality barrel

    Broke in quick and easy with minimal fouling. Shoots sub MOA with hand loads.

  • 5
    MK 12 Build

    Used this barrel on an SPR build and after breaking it in getting consistent groups of about 3/4 MOA with a best of .684 couldn't be happier

  • 5
    Flawless sub moa.

    At first i was kinda sceptical of 1/8 instead of 1/7 but this barrel is a tack driver, 77g mk262 aint always available but 69 g and 77 g are both very accurate from this barrel. Coyotes beware.

  • 5
    Very accurate barrel

    Finally got my build competed and dialed in. At 105 yards and from a bench rest, 10 three-round groups averaged .6inch and the smallest was .309. I was using hand loads with 75 GR BTHP Match Hornady bullets. I believe I can still fine tune from here, but very impressed with the accuracy and cost of this barrel.

  • 5
    Excellent barrel

    Only had minor issue with burr on inside of barrel due to gas port drill at factory. No worries, opened it up a few thousandths and installed SLR adjustable gas block. Barrel is NOT overgassed, I repeat, NOT overgassed from factory with 0.98-0.100" port. Other poster's bolt velocity is slow (cyclic rate), causing case neck damage on deflector. Watch some high speed videos and think about it. Switch to an H1 or H2 buffer it will help, I had same issue with H3. Mine will not cycle unless adj block is mostly open (11-15 clicks). As for performance, I get 4 shot groups under 1" at 100m with MK262, 5 shots opens me up over 1" but that's just with an 8.7X scope (Leupold MK 4 MR/T). Bore is wonderfully smooth.

  • 5
    BCM 18" SS410

    Bought this for an SPR build. Great quality barrel with sub MOA accuracy using Black Hills 77gr SMKs. One stated being over gassed. I never had an issue as I've always used an adjystable gas block. I'd love to get another with the ionbond coating.

  • 5
    Worth the wait

    I recently got this barrel to finish a SPR build that I have been gathering the parts for two years. After a function test at my local indoor range at 25 yards, I was ready for the outdoor range. I took the finished rifle to the outdoor range and was more than pleased. This gun is a 1/2 MOA or better. This is just another BCM product that is outstanding. Thanks BCM.

  • 5
    Fit &Finish

    This barrel in a work of art.What they didn't tell us is that its dimpled for the gas block. Update Finally shot it put it on a Barrett stripped upper and a LMT full auto bolt and carrier with a Larue 13.2 handguard Troy tritum backups dark indoor range printed 1.5 in groups 55 yr old eyes can not wait for some good optics Bravo is one of the best!!!!! Thinking about a 14.5 next.