BCM® 18" SS410™ Barrel with Rifle Length Gas (stripped) 1/8 Twist

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension
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Requires the use of the .750 gas block
Approximate Weight: 2lbs 8oz.
BCM® SS410 Barrels
This BCM stripped barrel is machined from a 410 stainless steel. It features hand lapped button rifling with a 1/8 twist rate and M4 feedramps. To give the shooter the best balance of weight and accuracy this BCM Mk12 barrel has a mid-weight profile and a rifle length gas system. (410 stainless is a harder and more corrosion resistant than the conventional 416 stainless found in most barrels.)
Requires the use of the .750 gas block.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

18 Reviews

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    BCM 18" SS410

    After lots of research and feedback I decided to go with this barrel. Finally got out to shoot it today, paired with a SWFA SS scope and was very pleased with my groups using 55 grain PMC ammo. For the money you can't beat it. For future builds the SS410 will be my go to barrel. If you are looking to build an SPR look no further.

  • 3
    Overgassed, but accurate.

    Nice barrel. 1/2" 5 shot groups @ 100m, not overly heavy, minimal fouling and easy to clean. But, it tears up the case heads, even using a H3 buffer. The gas port is .098" about .008 to large. Guess I'll have to get an adj. gas block.

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    First complete build

    This was my first complete, from stripped receiver up, build. I had done several bolt guns previously. Choosing the barrel was the biggest sticking point on the entire build. I knew that I wanted an 18" but not what make. After looking at about everything out there I came back to the BCM especially after learning who made the barrels. I am glad that I did. I have shot about 200 rds through it and not a trace of copper. It has to be the smoothest barrel I have ever seen. After a little load development I found that 77 gr SMK's are THE bullet to use. I took my stepson on an outing today and he hit the 100% silhouette 23/25rds @500 yds the first time he had ever fired the rifle. This was in the rain with a 10mph wind. 20 of those were in a 8" group.

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    Awesome barrel

    I bought this barrel looking for an accurate barrel that could shoot mil spec ammo for 3-gun competition. The NATO match chamber seemed to be what I was looking for. Also many of the other barrels I looked at were 1/7 twist for heavier projectiles, but I would mostly be shooting XM193 or other 55gr boattail ammo. So far after a few thousand rounds I'm very impressed. It shoots any 55gr boattail projectile well. Even the cheapest ammo I could find (Russian steel cased Ulyanovsk) grouped well out of this barrel. I also reloaded a bunch of bulk pulled 55gr boattail bullets (of varying makes) and they grouped awesome. Federal XM193 shoots great too (as I expected). It has a good contour (not too heavy, yet seems very stiff) and works excellent shooting from the shoulder or off a bag. I hate to say it but I think this barrel shoots better than the 24" match barrel on my other AR..
    Paired with a BCM M4 upper this is a great combination.

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    Superb 18" 5.56 pipe!

    I ordered one of these, had it sent off to AR Performance, and had it helically fluted under the handguard, which took off a bunch of weight, and made for an amazingly balanced rifle. It shoots like a dream-constantly into the 10 ring at 100m, and inside the 8 ring ring at 200m for 30rd groups. E-type pop-up radio-controlled silhouette targets go down at 500m consistently in new shooter's hands. This is all with cheap Sellier & Bellot 55gr. We'll see how it does with 69 & 77gr Scenars. This has all been in extreme cold weather conditions after running the gun through a 2-day high-volume course in -18 C/ 0.4 F, with 10-20 mph winds and 2 feet of snow. This is a beautiful barrel, and I didn't have to spend over $500 like I did on my last SPR pipe from Krieger.

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    18" stainless barrel

    great barrel i got all the parts for my upper build from bc had no problems putting together shoots less than 1" groups at 100 with cheap break in bullets cant wait to work up some reloads for it

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    Easy build, great accuracy!

    I bought the BCM Stainless 18 inch barrel with rifle length gas tube and just built it up last week. I put a Benny Hill Rolling Thunder Comp on it and could not believe the results! This barrel shoots 1 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards using the first load I've tried (55 gr Nosler Balistic Tip @ 3050 fps). The cross hairs never leave the x ring! I can't wait to try it on varmints. Buy this barrel. You will not be disappoint.

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    Exceptional barrel at a great price

    I've purchased numerous barrels over the years and this is by far the best. I only wish Ion Bond was available when I made my purchase. Perfect twist rate for all my needs and very accurate.

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    Great Product

    If your looking for a barrel that will do it all, this is the one. First trip to the range it shot 55 grain Vmax in a 1/2" group, and 75 grain tap in under a 3/4" group, both 5 shots at a 100 yards. Im very pleased and can't wait to shoot it again!