TRICON™ TAsk COnditions & STandards Training Program RIFLE

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TRICON TAsk COnditions & STandards Training Program

The TACOST training cards set will develop the shooter's skill sets through specific drills and measurable goals while maintaining a low round count to high yield in performance.

TACOST Features:

Four different training groups
Thirteen training sessions per group
Safety and evolution briefs
Easy to follow training instructions
Clearly defined objectives and scoring
Suggested tracking protocol
Portable, rugged and convenient

Training program is broken down into four different groups:

Marksmanship groups will focus on the principle understanding of marksmanship skills. The drills vary from extreme distance, to extremely small targets and various drills in between.

Speed groups will focus on pushing the boundaries of speed safely while at the same time maintaining a minimum hit ratio. The drills vary in number of rounds fired, positions and added complexities such as manipulations.

Baseline groups will focus on establishing performance in a predefined series of drills. These baselines will set the tone for the rest of the groups and chart progress over time.

Dry fire groups will combine both dry fire and at times live fire to increase the number of correct repetitions. Practicing to ensure that movements are smooth and precise.

TRICON , the driving force in combat performance.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Great training aid

    A nice change of training from your standard day at the range.

  • 5

    Went in my go bag for a card set for fun and review. Great idea. Now I will suck less

  • 5
    training cards

    Cards are informative and easy to take with. Recommend for personal or professional training. Great idea. Only down side is they are mostly static shoots. If more hit the market I would love to see more moving and shooting style exercises.

  • 5
    100% satisfaction

    fantastic job look forward to the third card set.