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The Magpul® ACS is designed to be a drop in replacement carbine stock body. This is a stock only.
The Magpul ACS (Adaptive Carbine/Storage) is a drop-in replacement for the standard M4 stock body, offering a comfortable sloping cheek weld, integral storage compartment, anodized aluminum strike plate, battery storage tubes, and a friction locking mechanism to eliminate excessive movement.
INTERNAL STORAGE COMPARTMENT - The ACS features an internal storage compartment large enough for basic weapon maintenance/cleaning supplies, spare parts, or other small items.
BATTERY STORAGE TUBES - The ACS has two battery tubes, allowing for storage of six (6) CR123 or four (4) AA batteries in total. Batteries are accessible via rubber caps without removing or adjusting the stock.
FRICTION LOCK - Similar to the Magpul CTR stock, the ACS features a friction locking mechanism to secure the stock and eliminate excess wobble and movement.
Mounts on Mil-Spec AR15/M16 carbine receiver extention (buffer tube) (including; Colt, BCM®, CMT, LMT, Vltor, Stag)
Color: BLACK
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

10 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Cheek Weld.

    I like this stock a lot. My only complaint is that it has a lot more wiggle than my standard M4 carbine stock had. When attached to my high quality rifle it is the only moving part and that does not bother me a bit. When i put it on my lower quality weapon set up the wiggle between the upper and lower and the stock can get a little annoying. That is just a small detail that is based on not knowing how much slop is in the other aftermarket models. I think next time i will go with the LMT SOPMOD? Then again... maybe not. The grass is always greener. I love this stock. So much better than the standard carbine stock regarding insta cheekweld. BTW... Good price and thanks again Bravo Company for getting this thing to my door in a timely manner.

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    Would you please when you buy a stock..put you change the tube..add what type of Rife you have and if it a Carbine...that would help a lot...I think this Company does a very good job..but there some things your out of..that other Companys have..but please keep up the good work on all the info. you can give. GOD BLESS..GO MARINES..SEMPI FI / ALWAYS.

  • 5
    Perfect Stock for the AR

    I purchased [2] of these stocks....You cannot beat the quality or the price on magpul stocks [ it looks awesome on the Carbine]....the friction lock is rattles ....and the built in cheek guard works great on carbine and rifle length AR-15's.....just be sure to purchase the right size stock to fit your buffer tube will have to measure the diameter of the buffer tube to determine whether it is a commercial or mil-spec buffer tube.......nominal 1.150 for milspec and 1.170 for commercial....

  • 5

    I love this stock. The friction lock make this stock worth the money. There is no sloppy stock feel and the storage is great too.

  • 5
    A must have!!

    I purchased 3 of these stocks (commercial) diameter for a RRA 6.8 Car in OD green, RRA Mid 5.56 in Black, and Dpms Lr-308 Car in Fiolage Green. You can't beat the Magpul quality and its so much easier to get a great cheekweld and sight picture quickly. Storage compartment is a plus event though I don't carry anything in it, and its able to care 4 extra AA's each ,for my EOtechs 512's. Only down side was the OD green doesn't exactly match the OD green Hogue overmold grip or even lighter OD green Troy rail covers, but for functionality and ruggedness it can't be topped. Just beware if you must have exactly matching colors, which is not a problem for me. The foilage green all matches great.

  • 5
    This Stock is Satisfaction Incarnate

    Absolutely great stock, which I expected because it's Magpul. Cheek weld is much improved over my old M4 USGI stock, as is overall rifle handling due to the slightly increased weight of the ACS. Super easy install, locks up tight and doesnt budge. Extra storage space is icing on the cake. Well done, Magpul!

  • 5
    Best Stock $ Can Buy

    This stock is very comfortable, locks very solid and has plenty of storage. What more could you ask of a stock?

  • 5
    Great aftermarket M4 stock!

    I couldn't decide between this Magpul ACS stock or the Vltor Enhanced Mod. I chose the ACS because it has the lock feature which keeps the stock from rattling and it works perfectly. That was one of the things I hated with the standard M4 Car stock, and the poor check weld. The Magpul ACS takes care of both problems.

  • 5
    great stock

    My first impression on taking it out of the box was, "Wow, this thing is really wide." It's got to be close to 2.5-3" wide. With the included polymer rounds it slides own very easily if you take it slow and don't force anything. It locks up very tight, which is to be expected from anything from Magpul with a locking lever. It is pretty heavy, which is welcomed on anything with longer than a 14.5" barrel as it serves as a nice counterweight and improves the balance of the rifle and as my wife put, "it feels lighter". At the ready it provides a very comfortable and, more importantly, very repeatable cheek weld. It is a bit longer than the stock I used previously(a standard CAR stock), which is nice because it extends the front forward enough to prevent the stock from grabbing hairs if one has a long beard.

    Overall, this is another awesome product from Magpul.