Front Sight Base F - FSB (ID .750) - Milspec for Flat Top Uppers

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The "F" marked forged front sight base is a hard product to find. Mil-Spec for rifles issued to the troops require taller front sight bases on all flat top AR rifles. (.750")
Designed to match the height of Mil-Spec height rear iron sights.
These are new and are not yet drilled for taper pins, and should be installed by a qualified gunsmith.
This includes front sight base only. (Not included are front sight post assembly, sling swivel assembly, and taper pins.)
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    Front sight base f-fsb I’d (.750)

    Great item no front sight posts no thread for the front sight base and set screw

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    Great quality

    This is absolutely as expected. Shipping was great and they always throw in swag which is awesome as well. Who don't love stickers. Will be ordering again.

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    Fit Great!

    I needed a bayonet lug for my 7.62 AR. I bought this in hopes of this working. I didn't need the sight portion of this item so I had to cut it off. The 3/4 inch hole that has to fit over the barrel was perfect. It worked out perfect for what I need. Now my bayonet fits perfect and I am ready to face any of those communists that I might encounter in the streets.

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    Fits like it should

    I shaved off the bayonet lug, drilled, reamed and taper pinned. I was able to walk a target at a hundred yards using a DSG front post, and an Armalite A2 rear handle sight, so good to go as far as sight in. It was a cosmetic addition to a pistol length gas system so I can’t speak to the gas functionality but I’m sure it runs just fine. This piece is a solid beauty.

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    Front sight base

    Nice item. Fast shipping

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    Order Purchase

    Timely and great Customer Service. I don’t know all identifying part names so if you would show all illustrations aspects of the product it would eliminate confusion. Thanks again.

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    Front sight

    Great fit and finish

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    A2 hole not threaded

    Didn't realize that A2 sight didn't come with threaded allen hole to secure to barrel.

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    pretty basic but it was what I was looking for

    Its a good product but I wish the hole on the bottom was threaded and it came with a set screw also no sight post detent and spring is one thing but not having any on sale was a bit disappointing