Cam Pin AR15

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    The Best!

    BCM Products for AR-15 's are Top Notch! Excellent Quality!

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    nice new cam pin

    Works great

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    BCG cam pin

    A must have backup part, just in case. Since it's BCM, I know it's made to mil spec standards (not just size, but the metal and how it's made).

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    Cam pin for NiB bolt carrier

    A little tight when first installed so far no issue once it's mated and break in with the bolt.

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    Great part to have!

    This is one of those parts that move a lot and i have about 3 of these i believe already just in case. BCM always makes good products and keeps these in stock as well. Highly recommend BCM!

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    Cam pin

    I'm always satisfied with products I get from BCM

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    AR15 part

    very good!

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    I bet that Cam Pins by BCM are harder than the one that came with your stock bolt. Why does it matter? Because this is a heavy wear item in your BoomStick and you should probably have some spares in your carry kit. Tip #1. Mark it with an arrow pointing towards the bolt face so that you install the Cam Pin in the bolt in the same direction every time . This way it wears evenly. Use an engraver. Now you'll find out how hard that BCM Cam Pin is. You will mark it but you won't remove any metal. Now try that same thing on your old pin. Hello. Metal displacement. Yeah ,I know. BCM. The best there is.....The End. Have a nice day.

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    Cam Pin

    It is a cam pin, it is properly sized, average finish, slight burs under head. Does the job.