BCM® Bolt Carrier Group (MPI) - Auto

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Milspec Carpenter No. 158® steel
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BCM® (MPI) complete bolt carrier group is fully assembled. (BCG)

Bolt carrier group (auto version) for your AR15, M16, or M4. Parkerized exterior and chrome lined inside carrier. Machined to USGI specifications. This M16/M4 carrier includes the proper Mil-Spec gas key. Gas key is chrome lined and heat treated per GI specifications. Gas key is secured to carrier via USGI domestic mfg Grade 8 fasteners and properly staked per Mil-Specs. These properly hardened parts ensure a strong staking and proper gas system functioning.

The bolt assembly is machined from the correct Mil-Spec Carpenter No. 158® steel, shot peened for increased strength, includes tool steel machined extractor and ejector, BCM Extractor Spring, and is HPT (High Pressure Tested) and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected).

Prior to shipping, all BCM Bolt Carrier Groups are test fired for function. As such, the Bolt Carrier Group will show handling marks consistent with these quality control procedures.
Watch this video to learn more about our quality control for Bolt Carrier Groups:

BCM Factory - Quality Control

During our tour of BCM's factory, owner and CEO Paul Buffoni takes Larry through a few steps of Bravo Company's renowned quality control testing.
Written by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), Chief of the Firearms Technology Branch
...M16 bolt carriers are not designed and intended solely and exclusively for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun and are not any combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled. Further, an M16 bolt carrier is not a firearm as defined in the GCA or a machinegun as defined in the NFA. An M16 bolt carrier is simply a machinegun part and as such its domestic sale and possession is unregulated under the Federal firearms laws. It is not unlawful to utilize a M16 machinegun bolt carrier in a semiautomatic AR15 type rifle.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

1011 Reviews

  • 5
    True quality

    Posted by Jason on Dec 4th 2020

    I dropped this thing in my Colt upper. I am building a new go to setup and there isn’t a BCG I trust more than BCM. I have several other brands of BCG’s, some I paid more for and some I paid less but for the price you can not go wrong with Bravo Company. When you drop this bolt in your rifle you know it’s been inspected, test fired and inspected again. If you haven’t watched the short video on BCM’s quality control I suggest you do. Just knowing they care enough to send you a quality part that you can trust your life with speaks volumes to this company.

  • 5
    Best BCG!

    Posted by Warren F. on Dec 3rd 2020

    Started having extraction problems with my Aero AR15 pistol after 200 rounds. Gunsmith tested everything and couldn't find the issue. I tried upgrading the BCG to a BCM and over 400 rounds later, not a single problem. Runs perfectly! Customer service is amazing as well! Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Full auto bolt carrier group

    Posted by Mike Heppler on Dec 3rd 2020

    This bolt is the standard that all other BCG’s are judged by. Excelent BCG.

  • 5
    This is a must have for any build

    Posted by Aaron B. on Dec 3rd 2020

    This bcg is top notch quality. I would recommend this full auto BCG over any other.

  • 5
    BCMGUNFIGHTER KeyMod Quik Detachable Sling Mount

    Posted by David Gilmore on Nov 30th 2020

    Very very well made product

  • 5

    Posted by Jacob Brazell on Nov 26th 2020

    This is the only BCG I trust. It head spaces perfectly in all my rifles and has been 100% reliable.

  • 4

    Posted by Rogers on Nov 26th 2020

    After cleaning the crap out of the BCG, it started cycling correctly.

  • 5

    Posted by Brian Kathol on Nov 25th 2020

    I needed an upgraded bolt carrier group on my Bushmaster and a friend turned me on to Bravo Company USA. great investment and it worked flawlessly. Money well spent.

  • 4
    BCM® Bolt Carrier Group (MPI) - Auto

    Posted by Anonymous on Nov 24th 2020

    I'd give the item five stars, but have not used it yet, since bought as a spare. So, four stars for now!