BCM® 18" SS410 Barrel with Rifle Length Gas (stripped) 1/8 Twist (Ionbond BLACK)

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension
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Requires the use of the .750 gas block
Approximate Weight: 2lbs 8oz.
BCM® SS410 Barrels
This BCM stripped barrel is machined from a 410 stainless steel. It features hand lapped button rifling with a 1/8 twist rate and M4 feedramps. To give the shooter the best balance of weight and accuracy this BCM Mk12 barrel has a mid-weight profile and a rifle length gas system. (410 stainless is a harder and more corrosion resistant than the conventional 416 stainless found in most barrels.)
Ionbond PVD coatings advantages
reduced coefficient of friction
increased abrasive wear resistance
high fretting resistance
high pitting resistance
resistance to corrosion and hydrocarbon fuels
high integrity of surface structure
good adhesion to base materials
IonBond coatings directly improve wear resistance due to their high hardness, low coefficient of friction and high structural integrity. These coatings with thicknesses of only a few microns and with hardness up to 4000HV, result in increased firearm life and functionality. The IonBonded finishes, absorb oil and release it over time due to the unique characteristics.
Requires the use of the .750 gas block.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

23 Reviews

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    BCM® 18" SS410 Barrel with Rifle Length Gas (stripped) 1/8 Twist (Ionbond BLACK

    I’m still in my initial testing of loads to find out what bullet, weigh, powder, etc. this barrel likes. To my surprise it likes a wide range bullet weighs and powder. With less 150 rounds through this barrel, I have already found 3 different loads that will give me MOA to sub-MOA accuracy.

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    I couldn’t find a single site that had an upper receiver. I’m glad Bravo Company has all the parts available to build my own. 90% of my parts will definitely be coming from here. I’d recommend 10/10

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    Great barrel

    Very accurate barrel. Had great groupings.

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    Ion Bond 18 SS Barrel

    Phenomenal quality fit and finish.
    Shoots great.
    I would highly recommend this product.

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    Swapped out a old 16" barrel for this for on SPR project I was building. Accuracy improvement was incredible.

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    Amazing Barrel

    I used this barrel (along with a BCM Upper, M-Lok Rail, BCG, and Grip) to build a MK12. It shoots much better than I do, and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to build either an SPR or 3-Gun AR.

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    Barrels and uppers

    I have purchased many barrels, uppers, and other parts from Bravo Company. I have been very pleased with all but one thing. I wish that they would give me the option of not having a signature required upon delivery. When a signature is required from FedEx, it takes an additional 3 days for me receive the package. I can’t sit around the house all day waiting for FedEx so I must call and have it sent to a local FedEx location for pickup, and that takes an extra three days.

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    Results after 3 years/around 3K Rounds.

    I Purchased the complete Upper with BCG .

    I bought this to primarily fire hand loaded 77 smk. I will call this a 1 MOA bbl when dialed in with the correct recipe load. This seems to hold out to 500 yards as best as I can tell given wind conditions here and the realities of my abilities.

    Using good quality brass cased ammo I have never had a unexplained malf with feeding.

    The accuracy is wholly dependent on a the shooter and conditions as well as the ammo choice.

    If you shoot 4 MOA factory or surp ammo this bbl will not transform that ammo in to match grade ammo for you.

    Initially I bought this to be my DRM and precision rifle but I soon found it to be my daily driver which explains the round count to date. I am looking at t new BBL as I expect my current to begin losing it's accuracy as the round count continues to mount on this platform.

    The rifle exceeds my abilities so I rate this a full 5 stars.

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    BCM 18" SS410 Barrel with rifle length gas system

    Absolutely phenomenal barrel. Easy to install and no issues setting up the gas system. I took it out and fired 3 rounds through the same hole at 25 meters to get a zero. Definitely a 1 MOA or less barrel. I recommend this barrel for anyone interested in 3 gun or a Mark 12 set up. Best barrel I have ever shot on an AR 15 by far. Hats off to BCM.