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Aimpoint® Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO™) Red Dot Reflex Sight - QRP2 Mount

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Aimpoint® Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) was built to withstand the challenging conditions faced by law enforcement officers. The PRO™ has a 2 MOA red dot that allows for fast target acquisition. The hard anodized, high strength aluminum housing provides incredible protection against any physical abuse the sight may encounter. It is vibration and shock resistant and submersible up to 150 feet. The sight is powered by a single DL1/3N battery and ACET technology provides over 3 years of constant-on use at daylight position 7 and even longer on the night vision settings. 

The Aimpoint PRO comes with a spacer and QRP2 mount that attaches to MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rails without any additional tools. The optic has flip-up lens covers – the front is solid and the rear transparent – allowing the user to shoot with the lens caps closed and both eyes open in an emergency situation. The PRO sight is fully compatible with all generations of night vision devices and the Aimpoint 3XMag-1™ and 3X-C™ magnifiers. 

Aimpoint red dot sights are operationally parallax-free, which means the visible dot remains parallel to the bore of your weapon no matter what angle your eye is in relation to the sight. Therefore, the user never has to worry about centering the dot inside the sight. If you have a proper zero, when the dot is on the target, so are you. Aimpoint red dot sights increase confidence by allowing the shooter to focus on the target while keeping both eyes open, fully situationally aware at all times. Users can achieve first round hits faster with greater confidence.   


  • 2 MOA red dot for precision and fast target acquisition  
  • Battery life: 30,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation with one battery on setting 7 
  • Battery type: DL1/3N battery (included) 
  • QRP2 Mount and spacer - Integral Picatinny-style base allows easy attachment to any rail by snap/twisting knob three times 
  • Flip-up lens covers – front is solid, and rear is transparent – allowing the user to shoot with both eyes open and lens caps closed in an emergency situation 
  • Front lens opening is threaded for addition of killFlash® anti-reflective device (ARD) 
  • Retainer straps for adjustment caps 
  • Hard anodized non-reflective surface 
  • 10 brightness settings: 4 night vision compatible settings and 6 daylight settings  
  • 1X (non-magnifying) operationally parallax free optic 
  • Submersible to 150 feet (45 meters) 
  • Temperature span -49°F to +160°F 
  • Weight 7.8 oz / 220 g (sight only) 

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

24 Reviews

  • 5
    Great sight! Aimpoint, trust your life to it.

    The new and updated version of this sight does in fact have retained windage cap retainers, but lacks a strap to the battery cap like the older version had.****update****This has been proven to be a non issue, buy with confidence.

    Aimpoints ooze with quality, and will serve you well on your patrol rifle or the two way range.

  • 5
    Good service

    We had some delay with order, but I got it finally and happy. Good product

  • 5
    Tough and easy to use.

    I can't speak highly enough about the AIM POINT brand of optics. They just work and work well. It's the only site that I trust on my son's rifle. The only thing I would change is the battery type. That being said there is a reason they use that battery.

  • 5
    Great Service

    Product was shipped next day and arrived within a few days, much like my previous two orders. I would certainly recommend Bravo Company for AR needs, both for quality of products as well as customer service.

  • 5
    Aimpoint Pro

    Excellent quick transaction no issues. Easy to zero sight. Simple to use sight even with an astigmatism. Great product.

  • 5

    Great product
    Great purchase
    Great shipping

  • 5
    Great Sight

    The Aimpoint PRO is a great bargain in my opinion. The included mount is adequate for my needs. I insalled the PRO and my buis, then headed to the range. I zeroed my iron sights, then the PRO. The PRO zeroed without issues and has remained tight through approximately 500 rounds fired. The included mount is a co-witness mount. BCM shipped the sight fast and it was well protected from potential damage during shipping. I was issued an M68 CCO and bought this sight based on that expirience.

  • 5
    Aimpoint's Boring Reliability.

    Just as you'd expect from Aimpoint, great sight with a great mount. Mounts tight and won't come out of zero. Been beating the s**t out of this thing for a while now and it has become my sight of choice.

  • 5
    Aimpoint Pro

    As everyone knows, there are a million choices, Pros n Cons of each...but so far I am super impressed with the built quality/sturdiness of this product. Fit n finish are great and I can't wait to test out the longevity of its battery life!! Easy, simple, & effective!!