Vickers Tactical Extended GLOCK Magazine Release

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Anyone with average- to small hands now can easily perform magazine changes without shifting their firing grip on the weapon. The VT GMR-001 is easy to install, and made of the same tough polymer as the GLOCK™ factory part. The extended release is just perfect…not too short, not too long, i.e. the magazine will not accidentally release if pistol is laid on a hard surface. Perfect with use of back strap mounted lasers. For Gen 1, 2 & 3 pistols only.

Not for use with Gen 4 pistols. Fits GLOCK™ models G17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 37.

• Extended and radiused, allows magazine release without shifting firing grip

• Injection molded from same material as OEM factory part

• Fits the majority of Gen 1, 2 &3 GLOCK™ pistols



OA length: 1.19”     Weight: 0.2 oz.   Made in USA

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

17 Reviews

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    Also Works on Glock 36

    I ordered this late Saturday night, came in this afternoon. Was hesitant because it did not include my Glock 36 on the package listing. I decided to try it and it works perfectly and looks great! You guys rock!

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    A awesome upgrade for your Glock pistol

    I ordered one of these for my G19. What a difference this made! I'm left handed, and one of the issues I had with my first G19 I owned was working the magazine release with my index finger. This extended mag release fixed that issue. Highly recommended!

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    Great Product

    I agree with below on pricing being wee bit high.
    Is it worth it? Yes.
    Is it affordable?Yes
    Does it give you an excuse
    to support Bravo? Yes


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    Quality part, but extremely overpriced

    I have relatively small hands, and having the extra release length makes mag changes smoother, without the need to reposition my firing hand. The smoothed edges are more comfortable, but I don't believe they create any difficulty in locating the release. This is a fine part that I believe will help me operate my Glock better, and I'll recommend it as an option to others.

    With regard to price, an OEM Glock magazine release is $3. It's a single, small piece of molded plastic, nothing more. I suppose a person could buy an extended Glock release and carefully remove material from the thumb tab end, but that's not an ideal solution. While the Vickers part is useful and well made, I don't believe the end user price should be over 5x that of a comparable Glock part.

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    Usually the operator, not the weapon.Good product.

    Glock 34/35s come with extended magazine releases already (using the mag releases for the G21/20, which for some people, is too long. Hence the Vikers Glock mag release).
    This isn't a problem with BCUSA or the merchandise; it's the customer not being informed.

    The product itself is great. I've improved my mag changes; with the stock mag release I would sometimes not depress the button fully under stress (matches, timers, etc) and subsequently the magazine would not fall free by itself. I would have to shake it out. This mag catch resolves that problem.

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    A Must Buy!

    This is the best extended magazine release for Glocks I have ever used. It has just the right amount of extension with slightly rounded edges, so it doesn't hang up.
    Quality is as good as original; simple and effective.
    Buy one for every Glock you own the first time.

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    Great piece

    I added one of these to my carry 27 and liked it enough that my 22 has one as well now. I find that it is just enough longer over stock to greatly assist reloads without being too long causing accidental drops. The edges are nicely radiused as well.

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    Bravo to Vickers, Tango Down, and Bravo!!!

    Added one of these to my shopping cart (almost an after thought) for one of my Glock19s when I was loading up on some AR15 supplies. Installs in minutes (like anything for a Glock). It is perfect. I should have gotten one of these years ago! HUGE Improvement in dropping the mag for a speed or tactical reload.
    I have since bought 4 more for my other 19, my 34, 23, and 22.
    As usual - Bravo shipping and service is awsome!!!