D&H Industries 1911 SS410 QPQ 8 Round Magazine

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D&H 1911 Duty Magazine

With a stainless body with Nitromet finish for durability and wear resistance, a proprietary free-float follower design and a chrome silicon spring, these 1911 magazines will provide years of great service.
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov.***

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    D&H 1911 Magazines

    Using a TRP Operator with 12000+ rounds:

    1/5 magazines will not trip the slide lock when empty.

    4/5 magazines do not freely drop from the gun when empty.

    1/5 mostly drops free when empty.

    1/5 drop freely while in battery with the last round chambered.

    5/5 will drop freely with rounds still in the magazine

    No real feeding issues so far.

    The front open portion of the magazines where the follower rides appear to be cut with a different angle than Wilson’s and CMC. The follower can be forced downward when loading causing it to catch which may be related to the above.

    None of the above consistent issues with CMC 8’s and 10’s, Wilson 8’s. 1/8 of my Mec-Gar 8’s will occasionally not drop free. I will not be able to use these for a any real application outside of a range setting.

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    D&H Ind. Mag

    Shipped fast and arrived fast.
    Not exactly what I had hoped for.
    The mags them selves are well built. And unlike the Kimber mags I’m replacing these are rebuildable and have a strong spring.
    There was no jamming issues on the last round at all.
    However... they stick in my Girsan 1911.
    For target shooting they’re fine. Tactically...Hell no!
    I intend to clean them off real good and put some Emory cloth on them. Hopefully that does the trick since they’re now scratched, I won’t try to return them.
    For a few bucks more I found the ACT mags at Rock River Armory to be the preferred mag for my pistol.
    Like I said earlier, they work for target practice, just not tactical and reload drills.

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    D&H 1911 mags

    Ordered two of these mags to try out. Both fed perfectly but one will not lock the slide back. No big deal for a range mag but at this point I wouldn't use one in a carry gun.

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    first time 1911 magazine buyer

    great mag for the price