Bravo Company USA, Inc. Video Section

Jun 2nd 2020

Video Links WARNING: The video links below contain graphic images of combat.

Much of the video footage was taken by Americans on the front lines. The video links below are not intended to celebrate the horrors of war, but to recognize the sacrifices made by the American fighting man and to celebrate the character of the men and women doing the heavy lifting in the war on terror.

God Bless Our Troops.

USMC 3rd Battalion, 1st MAR, India Co.

USMC 3rd Battalion, 2nd MAR, Limo Co.

Blackwater Air in OIF

Blackwater in Najaf

USMC 24th MEU SOC in Iraq

PSD convoy drives through ambush in Iraq

America's Defense Video

Apache in Iraq

"Hell's Coming . . .", Footage from Fallujah Iraq, 2004

Mosul Iraq, Night Fighting

Is This The Way To Amarillo

Lt Col Randolf C. White Jr.

"Get Some . . . ", Marines Chasing Down Insurgents

Gun Victim Testifies to the US Congress about the 2nd Amendment

The Speech

Evan Sayet at the Heritage Foundation