Blackwater in Najaf

Jun 2nd 2020

In April of 2004, insurgents had over run and taken temporary control of the city of Najaf Iraq. At a CPA building located in the center of the city held less than a dozen American fighting men, to include Blackwater Private Security Contractors and a couple of US Marines and Soldiers. In heroic fashion consistent with the character of these contemporary American warriors, these men held off an entire city (1000+) insurgents for days until the US Military arrived. During this battle, the private security firm of Blackwater USA flew in support with ammo, supplies, and evacuated an injured Marine.

more information forthcoming . . .

Video Links WARNING: The video links below contain graphic images of combat.

Much of the video footage was taken by Americans on the front lines. The video links below are not intended to celebrate the horrors of war, but to recognize the sacrifices made by the American fighting man and to celebrate the character of the men and women doing the heavy lifting in the war on terror.