BCM® Mk 12 Mod 1R-Bravo (KAC/RAS)

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension

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Features included in basic price:
KAC RAS 12.0 Free Float Handguard
BCM® SS410 18" Barrel, IonBond BLACK
Rifle Length Gas System
BCM® Bolt Carrier Group (HPT/MPI), auto
Pinned Low Profile Gas Block
Optional Features
Muzzle Options: A2 Flash Hider, KAC, PWS, Vltor Mod 1, BCM®™ Mod 0 Comp
Charging Handle Options: No Charging Handle, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 3B (Large Latch), BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Mod 4B (Medium Latch), PRI Gas Buster (w/ Combat Latch)
The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a rifle that has been in service with the United States special forces in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. SPR initially stood for Special Purpose Receiver, but that nomenclature seems to have disappeared as the weapon became a stand alone weapon system, and not just an add on upper as part of proposed SOPMOD upgrades. SPR now means Special Purpose Rifle. It was eventually type classified by the Navy as the Mk 12, though the Army also uses this designation.
This weapon system, used by Special Forces units of both the US Army and US Navy, is a heavily modified deviation from the familiar AR15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and thus is chambered for NATO standard 5.56 x 45 mm caliber ammunition. It serves a light sniper/designated marksman role. The SPR was originally proposed by Mark Westrom, currently president of Armalite, while at the Rock Island Arsenal. The SPR program was an outgrowth of the desire by both US Army and Navy special forces for a rifle with greater effective range than an M4 type Carbine but still shorter in length than a standard issue M16A2/A4. The SPR program appears to have grown out of both the SOPMOD Block II program, and the U.S. Navy SEALs 'Recon Rifle' (a 16" flat-topped AR-15/M16 Carbine).


12 Reviews

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    Nothing surprising at this point

    Posted by Shark on Nov 11th 2015

    Hesitant to submit a review with this little time behind the upper, guaranteed to forget to later. Fit and finish is great. Everything squared away and lined up nicely. Turnaround time from order submission to doorstep was real quick. Business as usual on the Bravo Company side of things.

    To the point:
    Slapped it on a lower with a decent trigger and had time to get out and get this thing on-target and hot. Zeroed with 77gr OTM. Zero ammo was CBC, also had some Black Hills through it by the end of the day. Working with a 3-9x and lacking 5.56 precision experience, put together more than a few MOA and sub-MOA 5 shot groups. 10 round groups set some personal records as well at 100-500 yds. Not ample time, but enough to conclude the upper is capable of more than I am.

    If you're in the market for a mod 1, you could do much, much worse and arguably no better for the cost of entry. Continually impressed by the product and work ethic of the folks in Wisconsin.

  • 5

    Posted by Donny Trahan on Apr 13th 2012

    Holy @$% this is the best manufactured, highest quality components ever combined to make a super mk-12, forget about the rest, BCM is the best, hands down!!!!

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    Posted by william sartin on Jan 5th 2012

    I've had this upper almost a year now. I've run Privi partizan 69gr and 75 HPBT through it which both averaged 1/2 Moa. With Southwest ammunition's Run N Gun 77gr SMK's i've got one 3 shot group right below 1/2 Moa and then another that i shot which is the best three shot group i've ever shot in my life at 3/10ths of an inch. I know 3 shot groups are frowned upon but thats more or less a shooter test. Fact is this rifle will group. BCM makes a quality SS410 barrel, i couldn't be happier.