BCM® Mk 12 Complete Upper Receiver Group Mod 0-Bravo (PRI Black)

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension
PRI Black
5.56 NATO
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About the BCM® Mk 12 Complete Upper Receiver Mod 0-Bravo (PRI Black)

Features included in basic price:

  • PRI Gen III 12" Carbon Fiber Handguard (Black)
  • PRI Folding Front Sight Base
  • BCM® SS410 18" Stainless Barrel, Ionbond Black DLC
  • Rifle Length Gas System
  • BCM® Bolt Carrier Group (HPT/MPI), auto

Optional Features

  • Optional Rail: ARMS #38 SPR Top Rail - This Rifle length SPR Straight top rail is a FULL Picatinny rail that connects the receiver to the forearm.
  • Optional Muzzle Devices: A2 Flash Hider, BCM Comp Mod 0, BCM Comp Mod 2, BCM Comp Mod 4, BCM Comp Mod 6, PWS FSC556 Comp Mod 2, AE MK12 Comp, SureFire SFMB 556, SureFire Warcomp Closed Tine Flash Hider 556, SureFire Warcomp Flash Hider 556.
  • Optional Charging Handles: No Charging Handle, BCM® Mod 3B (LARGE Latch), BCM® Mod 4B (MEDIUM Latch)

About this complete upper receiver group

The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a rifle that has been in service with the United States special forces in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. SPR initially stood for Special Purpose Receiver, but that nomenclature seems to have disappeared as the weapon became a stand alone weapon system, and not just an add on upper as part of proposed SOPMOD upgrades. SPR now means Special Purpose Rifle. It was eventually type classified by the Navy as the Mk 12, though the Army also uses this designation.
This weapon system, used by Special Forces units of both the US Army and US Navy, is a heavily modified deviation from the familiar AR15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and thus is chambered for NATO standard 5.56 x 45 mm caliber ammunition. It serves a light sniper/designated marksman role.
The SPR was originally proposed by Mark Westrom, currently president of Armalite, while at the Rock Island Arsenal. The SPR program was an outgrowth of the desire by both US Army and Navy special forces for a rifle with greater effective range than an M4 type Carbine but still shorter in length than a standard issue M16A2/A4. The SPR program appears to have grown out of both the SOPMOD Block II program, and the U.S. Navy SEALs 'Recon Rifle' (a 16" flat-topped AR-15/M16 Carbine).

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome Upper

    As always great workmanship and excellent quality. I have not had a chance to take it out yet, but with all my BCM rifles they are excellent. The materials are also excellent as very few if any manufacturers use 410 stainless Steel.

  • 5
    Mk12 mod 0 upper receiver

    Great customer service and product is top notch quality as you would expect from BCM. Do not hesitate to buy from BCM.

  • 5
    BCM Mk 12 Mod 0-Bravo (PRI Black)

    This is my second upper from BCM the product is exactly what you'd expect from BCM. Good high quality part and manufacturing. Shipping and packaging is always great. I got the upper in about 4 days.

  • 5
    BCM= OMG!!!

    Can't say enough about the quality of customer service and the product. The box arrived on time as promised, upon opening the box I heard George Washington's voice whispering the star spangle banner in thy ear!!!
    The vessel in which my MOD 0 arrived was packed with freedom and BCM SWAG!
    Thank you BCM ( eagle caw caw!!! )

  • 5
    BCM Mk 12 Mod 0-Bravo (PRI Black)

    Couldn't be happier with my purchase. I bought this upper for a build I had planned for sometime. The quality is top notch. I have taken my completed rifle to the range as of this date and will update in the future.

  • 5

    Flawless craftsmanship and flawless customer service. Got the part I needed on too of a lot of extra goodies. My money will stay with the BCM brand going forward. If only they had the gas buster charging handle in stock.

  • 5

    Amazing company with supirior products and fast shipping. This upper is sexy for sure.

  • 5
    Consistently oustanding products and service...

    I am delighted with my new BCM Mk 12 upper receiver group and appreciative of the very prompt delivery. As always, the quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. BCM has never disappointed me and I have recommended your products to many friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for taking pride in your products. And thank you also for the free Bravo Company gear that you so generously included. Best wishes!

  • 5
    Superb craftsmanship, excellent accuracy.

    I just received my upper today, the first time I have gotten one from BCM, and I have been a fan of the AR platform for years. My regrets I had not shopped BCM before! The craftsmanship on this MK12 is excellent. I am pleased to no end on my purchase and have not even had the chance to shoot it yet. I think the black finish compliments the parkerized receiver I mounted it to, quite a nice effect in my opinion. Once I get a chance to put a scope on it and dial it in I will report back, but I expect no issues at all.

    Thanks to BCM also for the goodies they included in the order, that made my day too.

    Update October 2010
    Took awhile to get out to the range, but once I did I was very very happy with the results. Shooting on a very windy day at 100 meters using Hornady 77gr match grade ammo I shot a 5 shot group I could cover with my thumb. I can't wait to see what this upper will do with better weather and a lighter trigger in my lower.

    Kudos to BCM for such a fine product!