Viking MK2 Wide Sling w/ Pad - BLACK

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The VTAC sling is instantly adjustable to improve your shooting position, allows shooting from weak side shoulder, secures the carbine during handgun transitions, and allows hands-free movement in difficult surroundings. Pad made with closed cell foam for added comfort for heavier firearms. The Viking Tactics, Inc. Wide (padded) Sling was developed after listening to feedback from their customers.
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Color: BLACK
***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

19 Reviews

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    Excellent Product

    Thanks Bravo Company

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    Great sling with great features.

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    Quick shipping and great product.

    Ordered for the first time from Bravo Company. Was quick, I will order again.

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    not terrible

    I ordered the bungie sling as a have one and love it. I got this one instead which is not as versatile or comfortable but if it came to hand to hand combat at least it makes it harder for your adversary to take your weapon away from you

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    Initial impressions

    Nicely made strap, and the mechanism for lengthening/shortening the sling on the fly works well and is ruggedly made. Connection to stock cannot be made at the bottom of the stock, as it interferes with how the sling is supposed to function. My stock has a ring off the bottom, which I cannot use, and no QD mount point, so I wrap through slot in stock and around buffer tube. The free end of the strap at the adjustable end of the sling is very long, to accommodate a range of heights I suppose. I am 5'10" and end up with a lot of extra strap. Not a big deal, just fyi.

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    Great Sling!

    I love this sling. I personally prefer the two point sling because as a LEO, I have the ability to "spin" the rifle to my back when handcuffings suspects. This keeps the rifle out of my way. Another thing about the VTAC I like is the slings adjustment ability.

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    Vtac II Sling

    This is a excellent sling and has become my favorite. The VTAC will allow a much snugger fit than the Vickers. I got the limited padded version, and I also ordered the Larue VTac which is exactly the same sling but it also comes with a QD swivel at each end. I really think VTAC needs to add the QD swivels at least as a option. The padded sling is just enough to make all day carry very comfortable. A quick tug releases the weapon and the sling can then be used to support steady fire, with a quick pull the weapon is back tight against the body allowing for very easy transition to a side arm. I would highly recommend this sling to anyone.

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    Good to GO

    After trying the Gear Sector 2 pt. sling and returning it within 5min. I was looking for something that could be adjusted more quickly and found thatin the VTAC it adjusts very quickly and the quality of manufacture is on par iwth any thing I have tried. I have a VTAC on my AR15 and my SIG 556 I am ordering another (with fixed buttstock adapter) for my Tactical Rem. 870

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    Sling is easy to install. Great function. BravoCompany, thanks for quick delivery