Primary Weapon Systems FSC556 Tactical Compensator Mod 2

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MOD 2 FSC Series


Caliber .223
Length 2.33"
Diameter .865"
Thread Pitch 1/2 28 RH
Weight 2.5 oz


In addition to offering superior compensation characteristics, PWS FSC Series provides enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics and line of sight. Designed for both competitive and tactical use, the FSC Series allows for superior muzzle stabilization and aids the shooter in faster follow-up shots and accuracy..

The unique port design of the FSC Series yields muzzle control that meets or exceeds the performance of the best muzzle brakes on the market without the teeth-rattling overpressure indicative of other brakes and compensators.

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

18 Reviews

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    Great addition to my BCM Middie Upper.

    Posted by Richard Padgett on Oct 21st 2013

    This was one of the best decisions I made for my BCM upper. I tell The people that complain about the noise to take up AIRSOFT!

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    great set up

    Posted by michael gaines on Jun 4th 2013

    I've got 20yrs behind most AR type weapons and regardless of "blow back" and "noise" from this comp, it's insane. Anyone who has ever been downrange in the soup knows that "noise" is nothing. Couldn't hear in the audible distress if you tried, but the drop in group at a high rate of fire is insane! Feels like dumping a BB gun load with punch! Thanks to Mr. Grant for nailing this beauty! OSOK

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    Best all-around Comp/brake/FH

    Posted by FL Cop on May 21st 2013

    Okay, I have spent a lot of time around SBR AR's. They are LOUD regardless of muzzle device. I ordered my FSC556 on a BCM 14.5" middy upper. It runs like a .22lr (especially w/ the Vltor A5 system). It's stupid how smooth it shoots.

    I have also A-B'd my carbine w/ an LMT 10.5" and a Noveske 11.5", both SBR's having A2's. The SBRs had just as much sideblast and concussion as my FSC556, w/ the 10.5" possibly being even worse. AND, both of those guns jumped around like hot potatoes, while mine stayed flat and easy to drive almost like a 3-gun setup and mine had less flash (i.e. almost zero) shooting federal M193 55gr ball. I don't hear anybody complaining about how loud SBRs can be. SBRs with A2's are just as loud but don't come with ANY of the benefits aside from reduced length.

    I'm an LEO, but I don't work in a TEAM. I'm road patrol. This was my first selection several years ago and STILL IS. PWS got it right the first time. No need for a two-point-oh version.

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    Hated it

    Posted by John Manos on Feb 19th 2013

    Bought this to reduce recoil and worked great for that. But every review I read failed to mention the increase noise and backblast from the comp. I took a carbine class and the person next to me kept complaining about the noise, and I understood because I felt and heard it to. I had to get another ar from my truck to finish the class.

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    Yes it makes a difference...a huge one

    Posted by Thompson on Mar 30th 2012

    Put this on a 14.5 mid-length build and there is almost zero recoil felt. It is loud though, got asked if it was a .308 lol. Highly recommend

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    Posted by Delta on May 15th 2011

    I just finished a build for my brother and installed one of these. The day after I finished his rifle we went to the range.

    After he fired a few rounds I just heard a "Holy sh*t!". He then popped his head up and asked if I wanted to come shoot his .22. I laughed and asked if he was joking-he wasn't. It was really strange to hear the bang of a 5.56 but only feel the recoil of a .22. I am not exaggerating, the recoil was reduced that much. Muzzle rise was all but totally eliminated.

    Despite what people say, it doesn't make the rifle louder. It redirects the muzzle energy, so standing behind, especially to the side you do hear it, and feel the concussion a lot more. It only seems louder because most people aren't standing in front of a muzzle when someone fires. I can tell you, it's just as bad there with a standard flash hider.

    His rifle is a standard gi on a 16" carbine barrel. Full auto style carrier standard buffer and spring. I can't wait to get one on my gas piston setup.

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    PWS Compensator

    Posted by GMP on Feb 26th 2011

    I have tried several "Flash hiders/compensators" and my findings are the PWS is more of a compensator to reduce muzzle climb, felt recoil, and it works as advertised. I do suspect that it causes more back pressure thus beating up the face of the bolt buffer, experienced in 2 different AR's. Trade off..

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    Posted by UGrev on Nov 11th 2010

    It was suggested by a friend that I give this a shot. I watched the videos of this in use in low light and no light and was impressed by the reduction in visible flash. So for 89.00 (at the time) I figured I'd give it a "shot". I did the same thing as smokey above.. heavier buffer/spring and I experienced the same as he did. Able to quickly reacquire and yes, she's loud as hell. But then again, It's been mentioned that my rifle (Bushmaster A3 20 BBL) was loud even before I put this on. 4 stars because I think it's even more loud now.

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    I was highly sceptical of this product before

    Posted by Smokey Mo on Aug 17th 2009

    I installed this with a crushwasher since I don't use a suppressor. I shot this on my current build without the FSC556 installed and kept the same Buffer/Spring after I reinstalled it I did notice a large reduction in vertical movement, using BUIS I was able to get back on target quickly, instead of having to physically hold the weapon down I can now hold it on target and let the weight of the weapon bring it back into alignment. I swapped in a stronger buffer spring and heavier buffer and WOW its like night and day, less recoil & less vertical movement. But it is loud as hell.