Make Ready with Dean Caputo: Building a Carbine

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There are many variations of the AR15/M4 style carbine on the market today. In addition to all of those different versions, you can also build your own by choosing the specific features you like and going to companies like Brownells, Bravo Company USA, or one of the many other companies that offer AR15 components and accessories. Dean Caputo, a law enforcement officer and factory armorer instructor for the AR15/M16 platform, takes you through the evolution of the AR15 style carbine and then step by step walks you through building different variations, each with its own attributes and accessories. If you are a fan of the AR15/M4 platform and are considering either purchasing a complete carbine, building your own or simply want to know more about the platform, this is the video for you.


  • Pro-Tips from Dean Caputo
  • Tactical Flashlight Output Comparison
  • BCM® EAG Carbine profile
  • BCM® HS Carbine profile
  • Carbine Build Parts Lists
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