BCM® SS410 16" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ Daniel Defense LITE RAIL III(DDM4), 12" Handguard 1/8 Twist

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M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension (USGI)

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Bravo Company MFG, Inc. Introduces a New Series of Upper Receiver Groups, featuring the NEW Daniel Defense Lite Rail III(DDM4)


The AR15 Lite Rail III 12.0 is an extended rail system designed to give the end user more real estate to mount various accessories available to the AR15 platform. When mounting a front sight to the top rail, it allows the shooter to have an extended sight radius enabling more precise shot placement.


Light Weight Free Floating Barrel Design

Steel Barrel Nut

Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform

Integral Sling Swivel Attachment Points with Limited Travel

Patented Bolt-Up Mounting System

Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails

Grade 8 Military Specification Fasteners


Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

Finish: Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized

Made in the USA!

**Please Note: Daniel Defense is renaming the Lite Rail series DDM4 Your upper group may feature a handguard marked with EITHER Lite Rail III or DDM4. Handpicking is not permitted**



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Professional Grade Weaponry, by BCM

Made by Bravo Company MFG, Inc. (BCM) These Barreled Upper Receiver Groups are designed for shooting professionals with the Mil-Spec features for the demands of their duty. They are fully assembled, headspaced, and test fired.
As a note: BCM barrel components are parkerized separately before assembly. Prior to shipping, all BCM upper receiver groups are test fired for function, laser bore sighted with a Milspec carry handle for sight alignment within Mil-Specs, and then batch samples are test fired for accuracy. As such, the upper receiver group will show handling marks consistent with these quality control procedures.
M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension
M4 Feed Ramp Flat Top Receiver
In developing the USGI M4 carbine as one of the primary weapons for today s infantry, some modifications were performed to the original M16 platform to enhance the reliability of the shorter barreled carbines. With the shorter carbine gas system and the increased gas port pressure, the carbine cycled faster, and at times the cycle rate could be faster than the magazine would feed ammunition. One of the modifications done to increase reliable feeding included enhancing the angle and the length of the feed ramps. This USGI modification was done to both the barrel extension and the upper receiver, creating a longer and steeper feed ramp. These Mil-Spec M4 feed ramps are part of the original CNC manufacturing process. As a result, the factory machined M4 feed ramps on the receiver are hard coat anodized which adds significant strength to the aluminum. This feature is offered on all BCM uppers and all BCM barrels.
T-Marked Upper Receiver
The contemporary M16/M4 rifle is built around the concept of modularity. All of the BCM flat top uppers feature a USGI type laser etched T-marks to provide addressing for the remounting of tactical accessories such as optics, laser sights, etc. This enables the weapon platform to be easily configured and then accurately reconfigured for each specific mission.
USGI 1/8 Twist Rate
The USGI 1/8 twist rate of all BCM Stainless barrels is the preferred twist rate by the DoD and most professional infantryman. This twist rate has proven very versatile and can effectively run the new heavier 5.56 ammo that is hugely popular with military and private security personal for its superior ballistics.
Mil-Spec SS410 Barrel Steel
this 16" BCM barrel is machined from SS410 stainless steel. Featuring hand lapped 1/8 twist rate button rifling and M4 feed ramps barrel extensions, the 410 stainless barrel gives the shooter the best balance of weight and accuracy. 410 stainless is also harder and more corrosion resistant than conventional 416 stainless found in other precision barrels
5.56 NATO Chambers
The USGI 5.56 NATO chamber is the best choice for effective deployment, reliability, and compatibility, of higher chamber pressures of military ammo.
Government Barrel Profiles
Duty rifles are built to be carried - day in and day out. The USGI barrel profiles (often referred to as the Government Profile) enable the operator to carry their weapon for longer periods of time and deploy them faster than the heavier commercial H-Barrel counterparts. The government profile barrel is also compatible with the current M203 mounting systems.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Bcm ss410 16" mid length upper receiver groDaniel

    Posted by alfredo cerda on Sep 22nd 2016

    Very satisfied

  • 5
    real nice

    Posted by Cory on Sep 22nd 2011

    This is a really nice setup. Won't waste anybody's time bragging about groups, will only say that it works great. Mainly wanted to write to warn people that you need a heavy buffer. Many armchair armorers will say that mid-length gas systems only needs a carbine buffer, but this setup was slamming my carbine buffer into the back of the tube hard and was therefore VERY harsh compared to other guns. I replaced it with a Spikes T2 and it's a world of difference, almost feels like I'm shooting a .22. Follow-up shots are nearly effortless.

  • 5
    As Accurate as they come!!!

    Posted by Rob H on Mar 18th 2010

    Just got back from the Las Vegas Desert after pinning my new BCM SS410 Upper to my Tactical Innovations Billet Lower. The results were nothing short of astonishing!! With the BCM/Troy up front, and the Matech flip up in back, I was shooting 1.5 MOA groups @100M standing. This weapon is much better than I am. The Scope arrives soon, then we'll see what she'll do off the Bags/Bench. I could hear the Desert Varmints quaking in their Fur. Soon the 40gn Hornady Vmax custom Varmint loads will be dispatching these Critters to the great beyond. BCM has created an awesome combination, and gets it quickly to your door. Highly Recommended !!

  • 5
    Accurate & Good Looking

    Posted by Long Rifle on Aug 25th 2009

    Capable of 12-shot 2" groups @ 100 yds with run-of-the-mill 55gr FMJ M193 ammo. I haven't tried heavier match ammo yet, but I'm sure it will be one MOA or smaller. Any Joe Blow can pull off sub MOA 3-shot groups. But it takes an upper like this to maintain a tight 12-shot group.

  • 4
    BCM SS410 16" Mid Length Upper

    Posted by Jeff  on Aug 4th 2009

    All around, nice upper.. Havn't had a chance to shoot it yet, but if it groups as well as others have mentioned, the viceblock/clamp marks on the upper reciever won't bother me that much.
    Definately a high quality barrel and lovin the DD lite rail..

  • 5

    Posted by Pat M on Jul 28th 2009

    This upper runs like a dream. Accuracy is unequaled! This gun is out of the box pounding better groups down range than my bull barrel bench gun. You can't hear it enough, Bravo rocks!

  • 5
    Best barrel I have ever shot

    Posted by Brad G. on Jul 22nd 2009

    With the BCM SS410 barrel my AR15 is the most accurate gun I have ever shot (including my bolt actions). At 100 yards groups were under a 1/2" easily. And I don't even have my good trigger in this gun. Very very impressed. Thanks Bravo!