Arson Machine Co. KeyMod™ Light Mount 1" Ring, Black Gen 3

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Well, we went and did it. We took our already mantastic KeyMod™ Light Mount and tweaked it into something amazing. We put it on a green juice diet and sent it to the gym. What we ended up with was our Gen 3 KeyMod™ Light Mount. But wait you say, you only have 2 KeyMod™ mounts, how can you already be on to Gen 3? Well there is a dark secret here at Casa de Incendio Máquina. See there was a Gen 1. But due to its homely looks, portly size and general inability to be machined quickly we keep it locked up far from the prying eye of the public. What can we say We are pathetically shallow like that. But let us tell you about the Gen 3 KeyMod™ Light Mount. You once again may find yourself asking, But Arson Machine how do you improve on near perfection Well, we would like to take all the credit, but we can only take most of it. We couldn't have done this without the fine folks over at Bravo Company Manufacturing. Their crack team of pocket protector and lab coat wearing geniuses came up with the Patent Pending Reverse KeyMod™ Screw. A marvel of simplicity in engineering, this small chunk of ferriticnitrocarburized alloy steel is the magic behind our Gen 3 KeyMod™ Light Mount. Due to their minuscule size, we were able to make our Gen 3 KeyMod™ Light Mount 24.4% shorter in overall length, 26.2% thinner at the back, and 35.8% lighter. We were also able to change the chamfer angle of the rearward part of the base to make it a shallower angle so that it almost disappears on the rail, just like our KeyMod™ QD Sling Mount (which also takes full advantage of the BCM® Reverse KeyMod™ Screws). As always we use the finest of 6061-T6 aluminum, we have it Type III hardcoat anodized black, and we keep the laser etching clean and simple. So if you want the best looking, best functioning KeyMod™ light mount with cutting art, state of the edge KeyMod™ technology, look no further.


*Note, not all KeyMod™ rails will be ideal for use with our KeyMod™ light mount. Due to the inboard offset of the flashlight ring, conflicts can arise when using this mount with exceptionally narrow KeyMod™ equipped rails, such as the offerings from Fortis MFG. While being excellent, well made and extremely light weight rails, there can be interference issues with many top rail mounted front sights and lights mounted in our KeyMod™ light mount. If you have any questions about compatibility of our KeyMod™ light mount with various rail systems, please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. To learn more, visit***

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    Works great with slight modification.

    I am not sure what the little raised area is for between the lugs that lock into the keymod, but in order for it to sit flush against the rail on my PWS MK114 Mod1-P I had to file it down flush for it to sit flush against the rail. Other than that minor modification it works great for my rifle and flashlight combo. It's very light and well made, fits tight, and keeps my flashlight secure.

  • 3
    Looks good

    Unfortunately these mounts don't fit the sure fire E2D led lights I purchased these for. I was under the impression that these would work. But looking at the machine work, the quality looks great and with the right size light they look like they would hold up well. I wouldn't shy away from purchasing them.

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    Arson Machine Co. KeyMod Light Mount 1" Ring, Bla

    solid mount

  • 5
    Light mount

    Has not stood the test of time yet for me as I just got it but it is very well machined and seems very secure

  • 5
    Good product

    Product locks up really good on my BCM KMR. and holds my surefire g2 securely. Product is what you would expect from BCM.

  • 5

    Excellent design and execution.